The intensifying and anticipation that so many of you are experiencing is an indication of your increasing awareness that humanity will move into full consciousness.  It is your natural , the one that you apparently lost at the of apparent separation from God, when you imagined the illusion into being.  Your awakening back into that state, Reality, oneness with one another and with your Father is inevitable because it is His Will and yours.

At this time, as the moment of your awakening approaches, much is occurring in the illusion that is very disturbing for you, as governments argue vociferously with each other about the most effective ways to deal with the multitude of simultaneous crises – economic, ecological, and political – planet-wide.  These crises demonstrate very clearly the urgent need for worldwide cooperation and compassion.  For far too long humans have been and attempting to protect themselves from one another, and yet all around are examples that demonstrate the insanity of this attitude as against the effectiveness of mutual cooperation.

Confrontational and competitive attempts to solve problems just do not work.  You are all one with your heavenly Father, not separate individuals who can secure personal comfort and safety by overpowering or destroying others.  This you know, nevertheless, you continue to deny it and seek security by defending yourselves or by destroying your enemies who are merely extensions of yourselves.   can support you all in a state of abundance if you cooperate with one another.  If you do not, then your actions not only hurt each other, but also cause severe damage to the planet as you compete for control and ownership of the natural resources on which you all depend, and which she provides so willingly and in profusion.

Awareness of the insanity of your behavior and of the behavior of corporations and governments that you have been supporting is no longer avoidable.  News of corrupt and dishonest practices all across the planet is being brought to your attention with increasing frequency because it is no longer possible to disguise or hide these activities.  This is why the news is so disturbing.  Previously this news was not promulgated, it was suppressed.  This is no longer the case, and so these issues can be addressed, discussed, and put right.  You are all sensing this, which is the reason for your excitement.  The ongoing destructive practices and behaviors that have been standard on Earth for so long are going to cease, because the elite minority who have been in control of the planet will lose their power and authority as their misbehavior becomes public knowledge.

As that happens those with the skills and competence to commence re-establishing ethical and loving standards planet-wide will come to the fore to demonstrate how easily the apparently insoluble planetary problems can be resolved.  As you join together to cooperate in these marvelous restorative planetary ventures your spirits will be uplifted as you see what can be achieved when all work together for the benefit of all.  Most of you have experienced this for short periods on a small scale, but when it happens on a planetary scale the results will amaze you.

When these ventures start coming into operation you will observe and participate in the removal from the illusion of attitudes and behaviors that are totally alien to God’s divine Reality, enabling you to embrace with whole-hearted enthusiasm the Love and Peace that your Father is offering you in every moment.  This will be the precursor to your awakening into Reality as the illusion finally fades away and you find yourselves at Home at last in the brilliant Light of your Father’s Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.