Channeler: Marie Mohler


, Channeled through :
"Arctic Blocks, Melting, and Oneness"

Dear One,

It is I, El Morya here today, Keeper of the Golden Flame. It is an unsettling time for many, sweet child of the Divine. All Things frozen in the arctic of your past . . . patterns, beliefs, experiences, wounds . . . are melting away now. First, experienced as fragments of the self . . . but soon . . . they will melt in the Oneness of the Birthing Waters of your Whole. The arctic melting on your planet is another cosmic sign of the warming within to the of the Planet, of Source, of each and every being on the earth. As within, so without. As above, so below. As you warm to your wisdom within, so too does all that is not aligned with this and – melt away.

Melting is a gradual process. Not an instant one. Allow the Grace of this process to unfold. Release resistance. Feel no shame about past truths, experiences, or actions. It is what was, not What Is. What Is is your eternal legacy as a child of the Divine. What Is is the Light within you that powers worlds. What Is is the remembrance of All That Is good and grace-filled in the Source Creation and Light.

Dear One – allow the blocks of ice from times past to melt now into the all-knowingness and all-beingness of timelessness. Let the blocks release, into the birthing waters of , as if you had returned to the symbiotic womb of the Great Mother. Allow her Love for you, as the Source Love for you, to fill your Heart . . . with Dream-Filled Peace, Joy, and Oneness Flow. There is no need in this timeless Love-filled space to feel fear or discomfort over any past blocks of frozen moments in time. They are melting now you see, back into the Oneness, the Wholeness, the Grace that you eternally are.

Many are feeling the same. Some consciously. Others unconsciously. What feels to you as an unraveling or exposure time of past thoughts or wounds, is really a merging . . . or re-mergence . . . into the Oneness. The blocks are melting to make way for Oneness. The blocks, once flowful water, are returning again to their original Source. As are you. There is great beauty in this present process. Allow the melting and the warming process, within and without. It is all Divinely Timed and Divinely Ordered. Resistance will simply cause discomfort, but it won’t stop the process. The Time is Now to merge and re-unite with the Light of Source within. Any blocks to that re-union are melting away. Do not judge the blocks. Notice them. See them now releasing, attracted to merge in the Light of Wholeness in Mother Earth’s arms. She holds you now, as if a newborn. Tending to your needs, joyful at the rebirthing in her womb that you are experiencing. At any time, you can feel her vast and tender embrace. She sees your Light. She knows your Light. It came from within. You share this Light in her womb now. You have reunited with the Earth Mother’s Heart. The Central Heart. The Cosmic Heart within. And as more and more of you consciously find yourselves here, in the Womb of Oneness, a New Earth births from the Love and Light that lives there. That lives in you, that lives in the One. Every fiber of the New Earth Tapestry will be sown by the Love and Light in this Oneness. It is a powerful time to let go to this Oneness. To allow this long labor to produce anew.

Melting into the Oneness is a natural part of the labor process involved in birthing the New Earth. A return to the Womb of Love, Light, and Creation is a return to the Love and Light of Source and Earth Mother Energies. This is a return to Center. To Alignment. To Wholeness. To the Great Circle, from which all life began in harmony and balance.

So, Dear One, when you see blocks come up, that feel frozen in times past, that have seemingly kept you from the Womb of Creation, Light, and Grace, know that all is melting away . . . this illusion . . . of separation . . . to allow the Wholeness and Bliss of Being One with Source and One with All once more. The Time of Separation has past. The Time of Oneness begins anew. Let it flow, to and through your experience now, washing away the tears and heartache of separation . . . inviting the flow of Love-fullness and Heart-fullness once more.

Much love to you dear one. All is well. Trust the Truth unfolding within, to Be without, in its perfect timing.

Many blessings to All!

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Namaste. ~Marie Mohler