Humanity is preparing to rise into the state of full consciousness, where it truly is at all times even though it remains unaware of this, and as it does so the sense of expectant anticipation that so many of you are experiencing is intensifying.  Very few of you are without some sense that great changes are in the air, but what they might entail mostly eludes you.  It is indeed a wonderful time to be on Earth, and that is why you chose to be here now.  It is a time when misery, fear, anxiety, and doubt will be replaced with joyful that God exists eternally, and you with Him, in the glory of His magnificent creation where ecstatic bliss is the ever-present ongoing experience.

You were created by your Father to enjoy eternal bliss, so that is your destiny, no other is possible, consequently your doubts and anxieties about life and its meaning are misplaced and inappropriate.  By continuing to cling to them you continue to support the illusion which in turn supports those doubts and anxieties.  You have all had experience of living without them.  Recall those times in your lives and remember the peace and contentment you enjoyed.  If you will turn in trust to your Father and discard or ignore your fears even for a few moments you will feel the peace and tranquility with which His Love provides you.  Your angels and guides are with you in every longing to help you do this, and to start restoring your confidence and trust in your Father.

As I keep reminding you, the energies enveloping humanity at this point in its evolution are more powerful and all-pervasive than they have ever been, and this is in response to your increasing calls for help and guidance to resolve your apparently insoluble problems.  When you seek help from the realms it is instantly provided in abundance to enable you to feel your Father’s Love for you so that you release your doubts and open your hearts trusting Him to show you the way out of your and suffering.

Your pain and suffering are largely due to your resistance to forgiving those who have hurt you.  A hurt does not last long if you do not embrace it and hold on to it as a precious and valuable reminder of how you were wronged.  When you hold on to it, and judge the one who caused it, it festers and intensifies leaving you feeling irreparably damaged, and many times you will discover later, after lovingly nursing your hurt, that the one who caused it had no intention to hurt you, and was unaware that you felt offended.  If you had forgiven the hurt at the moment when it occurred you would have spared yourself much unnecessary pain and suffering.

To forgive often seems to be a very hard thing to do because you frequently feel that the offense is unforgivable unless you receive recompense or an apology.  So you fight for your right to this acknowledgment of your pain, which only intensifies it, as you focus your attention on the offense which distracts you from the many inherent ongoing joys in your life.  Finally, when you do receive recompense, you find it inadequate because by focusing that intently on your pain you have become so embittered that nothing offered will give you satisfaction.

Not to forgive is like poisoning yourself, it brings only pain and keeps you from experiencing the Peace and the Love that your Father is offering you in every moment.  When you are unforgiving it is almost impossible for you to be aware of anything other than those whom you will not forgive; as you dream of or plan revenge there is no room within you for peace, joy, or love, and you anchor yourself firmly in the illusion where no lasting satisfaction can ever be found. Practicing forgiveness lights the path that leads you to Reality and everlasting bliss.  That is where you want to be, and making forgiveness an ongoing practice will brighten the lights along your path.

With so very much love, Saul.