I’m having a conservation (I keep trying to type conversation but it comes out conservation so I’m leaving it.) with my Higher . My Higher will be in black. I’d put myself in white, but then I’d disappear, so the other color is me.

Writing will take longer than you think because you are integrating a diverse quantity of downloads from different celestial sources that you have been connected with in the so called past. You have experience with  a of diverse “family” sources. Because you are related to so many reality streams that are now converging into the same conscious reality, you are having the experience of being able to communicate with a diverse range of beings incarnate on the planet. Integrating all the input will take a little getting used to. It will result in a synergy that is more than the individual pieces coming in, even though the “pieces” coming in are whole relative to where they came from. (i.e. different densities or dimensions).

You are writing about this today because you are modeling for your readers, how to embrace the integration of experiences, both planetary and otherwise. This becomes a wake up call for those led to your words, however they come by them. We  are talking about an alchemical catalyst which transforms a multitude of realities into one consciousness. One conscious reality.

Communicating what I am seeing is a challenge, because I am clairvoyantly  seeing it, but what I am seeing is a higher frequency experience, that my understanding of 3d words doesn’t quite communicate on a linear level. However, the words are being experienced by you (my readers) as light, and so they carry the information. The information will cause a reaction to take place within you which opens your perceptual mechanism to transformation, so you begin to understand on a non-linear level what I am writing. As an example, writing is not what I am doing on a linear level. I am typing on a linear level, but when I say (I’m not saying either, I’m typing!) writing, on a non-linear level, you know what is meant.

If you made it through that morass, CONGRATULATIONS. If your head is spinning, you may choose to partake of my transformational services. If your head is on strait (not misspelled) and you choose to have it spin faster, you also may choose to partake of my . I’m an equal opportunity…….. hmmm, what linear words would describe that non-linear reality?

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