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Tuesday, 18 January, 2011  (posted 19 January, 2011)

The Full @ 29°27 Cancer/Capricorn occurs on January 19th, 2011 at 4:22 pm EST.

A note of interest is that we find the Moon degree of this Full Moon to be the exact-to the-minute degree (29 CAN 27) of the Total Solar Eclipse of July 21st-22nd,  2009. The duration of effect of the July 2009 Solar Eclipse extends through 2012 so it is likely that events stimulated by the July ’09 event will find resonance within this current Full Moon.

This current Cancer lunation is the 4th in a series of 5 consecutive that occur on the last degree of their respective signs. A degree of transition, the 29th degree represents the end of the matter in to the concerns of said sign and when we arrive at this point it is a time of culminating the wisdom and beneficial works from said sign while eliminating anything that is non-beneficial and cannot be carried forward into the next sign for further development. There are often last minute efforts to bring to culmination matters of said sign and leaps of faith are on occasion taken when one feels a situation is just under the closing bell.

Due to it’s transitional nature this last degree can also be a space of oscillation for when a planet resides in this degree there is a revolving door effect. Gravitating between spaces and feeling as if one is neither able to go back nor forward this oscillation dynamic can be quite stressful if one attempts to find a solution or take an action based upon either/or perceptions. To bridge this transitional space as seamlessly as is possible elimination of either/or thinking, and often the  Surrender to a “Higher Power/Wisdom”,  becomes necessary.


The focus for this Full Moon is upon the Cancer-Capricorn axis with Moon/Cancer concerns (domestic issues, family concerns, nurturing, early life, the past and the emotions) being brought to the fore while the Sun in opposition to the Moon highlights Saturn/Capricorn concerns(public, responsibility, practicality, ambitions and endurance) and shows where we may need to adjust Moon/Cancer concerns to form a more harmonious relation between our Cancer and Capricorn life areas.

With the Moon in her sign of Cancer and upon the exact degree of the July ’09 Solar Eclipse this should be quite a productive period of culminations over the next 2 weeks!


The specifics for this lunation:

A conjunction is forming between the Sun to in early Aquarius while is applying in opposition to the Moon. Aquarius being a future oriented sign reminds us, via , that actions taken during this Full Moon period should be considered in relation to the future of our goals and how they adhere, or not, to the well-being of the collective while the conjunction of to the Sun in Capricorn encourages being mindful of our integrity as we preform any public related duties. These endeavors should be measured in relation to the concerns of the Cancer Moon(family,home,past, emotions etc) as we are seeking a balance that allows for one to preform their public responsibilities while also honoring the needs of home, family and one’s emotional well-being.

@ 30° Pisces is in a very tight applying trine to the Moon and sextile the Sun bringing support through divine protection. As upon the last degree of Pisces(culmination,compassion) is the final dispositor for all planets (except the Moon at home in Cancer), should any personal endings still need to occur before we step completely into our new beginnings via the return of (Jan.22nd) and Uranus(March 12th) into Aries, blessings are to be found in dealing with such endings with as much compassion as is possible for one’s self and any other involved.

As this is the 4th of our 5 consecutive 30th degree Full Moons following 2010′s intensive transits we have been sorting, rebuilding and stabilizing many area’s of our lives for a while now. While this will continue a bit longer we also are quickly approaching the arrival of the energies of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries that will bring new opportunities and some very exciting fire energies back into our days so if you too are just as weary as I am of this stage, keep moving! Aries, here we come! ;)

Many Blessings! Kachina Houska

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