Greetings and Glad Tidings ~

and Bright blessings to ALL!

In this update you will find:

=> Announcement:  of Blooming release date
=> Tools and resources from our Gratitude archives
=> Personal message from co-founder Stacey Robyn


Blooming Humans release now scheduled for February 2011!

Due to a family emergency, we have shifted our release of the
42 Day Blooming Humans program to February.  With our
full-attention called to the home-front, we cleared space on our
calendar to devote our time, essence and energy to our immediate
family.  (Rest assured, All is well, and you can read more on this
Wake Up! call below).  We will keep you updated as we continue
to plant Dream Seeds and tend our Blooming Humans garden.

Thank you for your patience as we re-weave our waking dreams
into being!
Tools and Resources from our Gratitude archives ~

Here are a couple of our most popular tools we’ve shared over the
years.  May they serve to empower, uplift, edify and inspire!
1.  Seeds of Gratitude Exercise – a power-filled exercise to
consciously design our lives, birth intentions and transmute all that
no longer serves:

2.  Go Gratitude – This is a complete collection of our
original 42 day message series, and a bonus section: 9 super simple
tools for shifting into Gratitude.  You can download it freely here:

(Our physical book is out of print, for now, so this is a great way
to share, review and enjoy the beginnings of our Go Gratitude


Personal Message from Stacey Robyn:

Aloha Beloveds,

On this first of 2011, we are flowing through the solar
eclipse energies whose invites us to look deeply within … 
To witness, with Gratitude, the beauty of NOW.  To find within
ourselves the Spark of Love that fires our breath, and bathe
ourselves in the brilliant Rainbow liquid light flow-ering at the
center of our Hearts.

Thank Heavens for celestial displays, New Years to celebrate, and
the turning of the seasons that remind us all things change, and
that "this, too, shall pass."  2010 was an intense year for us.
We found ourselves smack dab at the center of the paradox of Life.
Joy and Sorrow, Light and Darkness, and took their places
at the extreme end of the spectrum to give us a new view of the
wide-bearth of CHOICE, ACTION and CHANGE before us …
and practice living from center in the face of what may come.

Multitudes of plans we made, based on one level of consciousness,
became challenging to meet. In the blink of an eye, the planning
and tending of our Blooming Humans garden began to shift and
grow in new, unexpected ways.
In a wake-up call of epic proportions,  our attentions were called
to our hOMe garden … to family, and especially to our children.
At the peak of our planning and preparing, sadness and despair
overtook one of our children, and with a  heart filled with pain,
an exit strategy was made, and then a mad dash for the door
of death.
One of our own felt so isolated, bereft of Love or connection,
without choice or hope … death became a more pleasant option
than Life.  By the grace of the Divine, our child reached out and
allowed us to embrace, support and Love her … her connection to
Love was blessedly stronger than her fear of Life.

The Breath of Life continues to course through our Beloved child,
and we are grateful beyond measure for our unfolding lives together,
daily integrating an upgrade in consciousness, presence and a newly
born Appreciation for our children, our Beloveds, for the Beauty of
Life,  and All that IS.

We have been gifted a (k)new perspective on what is precious,
Yes … Essential.

"Dream Seeding the Year of Birthing New Reality" ~ Stacey Sophia Robyn

Much like a seedling taking root — expanding its reach into the
depths of the earth, while receiving support for the upward and
outward growth cycles — we uptake what is Essential and
beneficial to facilitate a thriving, blooming Life.
These past few weeks have tested our resolve, brought us to our
knees in prayer and Gratitude, and driven us ever more deeply
to uptake what is essential, while rooting out the weeds of fear
and illusion in our consciousness. We have felt the pain of insight
and the pleasure of paradox as we further awaken to the
Pure Being within.  We are opening a new channel to absolute
Truth, and allowing the re-generative nature of Love to teach
us compassion-in-action.
Thank Heavens for our training in the Art of Gratitude, for our
community who came forward to support our family, and for our
Faith in the Wisdom of Spirit that works in mysterious ways.  

Beloveds, it is not a comfortable decision to share the raw, intense
energies that found their way into our Hearts and home recently.
Yet, Spirit is prompting us to be open, transparent and vulnerable
in our journey, to share the beauty AND sorrows, and together face
the realities of the evolutionary experience of Life.  To love both
Dark and Light as many facets of the One.

" and Omega" – Stacey Sophia Robyn

Now, you might imagine, during this time I found myself spiraling
into doubt, self-judgment and issues of worthiness as a Mother
and Creatress.  A flood of negating stories began to spew forth,
creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of not being able, worthy, or
competent. I began to wonder, "Who am I to share about
Gratitude, Great Shifts of the Ages and Peace and Illumination
when I missed the mark so terribly in my own home?!?"
A wake-up call, indeed.
Yet, it is because of my direct experience using the Master Key
of Gratitude that my heart is open, my Spirit is bright, and our
family is able to transmute our leaden experiences into
Golden moments.  We have made great strides as a family
to re-focus our attentions and efforts toward meaningful,
connective and life-affirming choices and habits.  
Now I wonder, "Who am I NOT to share – to be vulnerable, open
and willing to ‘Go there’ into the wild, raw, primal landscape
where fear lives, and with Gratitude let our fears be our
greatest teacher?"

So Thank You, Dear Ones, for playing the role of evolutionary
partner, as we practice speaking our truth, being transparent,
and sharing the journey without attachment to how it is received.
As a family — both local and global — we are rapidly releasing old
contracts, agreements and beliefs that no longer serve, while
making new, resonant ones AND being gentle with
the Self through the process.

What better time, than NOW,  to face and embrace our fears
to clear The Way for our emerging reality to breathe, grow
and thrive!?!?

"Love is not the destination, it is The Way" ~ Stacey Sophia Robyn

While we are shifting our time-line for the release of our
Blooming Humans 42 day program to February, we are
ever more deeply committed to the task at Heart.  It is our
profound joy, passion and purpose to play, co-create and
serve together.  Thank you for being with us as we re-birth,
heal, strengthen and re-vision what it truly means to be
Blooming Humans.
Blessings to each and All as we grow ever onward.  May we
remember we can always CHOOSE our path, and re-commit,
change, alter and completely re-arrange our lives  … beginning
with a simple breath, a thought, a choice to go home to heart of
what matters, and in the Spirit of Gratitude  re-connect with
our passion, purpose, power and possibility.

Thank you, Beloveds, for being with us on this amazing journey.
Thank you for the richness, beauty and unique gifts you bring
to our lives — and to the world.  Remember, each person makes
a profound difference in the world — and that person is YOU!

Many blessings,

in Love, Light and deep Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn

and the ground crew of Go Gratitude

P.S.  Thank you for BEING YOU!

P.P.S.  We were given permission to share the above unfolding,
and acknowledge the courage and wisdom of our young One —
who sees the Gift in sharing the journey.  Thank you, Love.