I was ready to talk some more about Alchemy and the , because I am participating in a round table (video and e-mail so a round world actually) discussion on the art of transformations and that’s what was on my mind. Other threads of thought were related to transitioning, permaculture, new economy, etc and how that would all work.

If you have been reading my posts, you will have read/heard me say  that we will transition into the through love. Not the Romantic love of the old , but through living from the and sharing energy. I have shared ways to begin to do this, as have many people, but I couldn’t tell you what the result would look like. I thought it would take a few years to see how this manifests. Apparently not so!

I’ve mentioned in my posts that one of my wizard sons, Noah, has been helping me develop this . He is an interactive (using the web) brand marketing professional (wizard). He just left a large advertising company he worked for, where he was the Interactive Creative Director. (When I say just left, I mean today!) He is opening his own interactive brand marketing . (Its a business but business as we know the word does in no way describe what he is doing.) I just found out that he got his today and I asked for his website address, so I could see exactly what he was doing. Now Noah, though he reads all my posts, claims he doesn’t really understand them. He does conceptually, but not experientially. In my terminology, not understanding from the heart. So anyway, I go to the website and I was floored.

Check this out! This kid is actually doing what I have been talking about! He is talking about building Love for your brand and he doesn’t mean romantic, obsessive love. He means love as in sharing and he isn’t even hiding it. He is shouting it all over his home page! And here is the kicker! He is taking this action on this new moon, solar eclipse day! Its exactly what this day supports!

It’s not that Noah is trying to live from his heart. He is just doing it! He doesn’t have as much of the old paradigm baggage as some of us Baby Boomers. I think a lot of what he may have been carrying from his parents (I admit my culpability) was left with the TSA on his last airplane trip. And the December Light Frequency Code download culminating in this new moon/solar eclipse certainly pushed the envelope. Why, it looks like an example of the new consciousness paradigm shift alchemical transmutation, embodying on our planet! Say, isn’t that what  I started out talking about?

Would you like to speed up your Alchemical transmutation? Contact me. If you choose to love your brands, contact  Noah!