God said:

O, My beloveds, sit here now and hear what I say to you. I am your speaking. This must be so because I am the of the World. My is yours, as your is Mine, as We are One-. Can you imagine the love in Our One and how bountiful it is?

There is something going on between Us. No need to analyze. Let’s just let love be between Us. Not between Us but of Us. Let there be no delineation between your heart and Mine. Life will play itself out, and sometimes life, as it plays itself out, wounds your heart. Life holds only rubber knives. Knives come out as if they never had been.

Your heart is not really so fragile as you make it out. You are the Strong-Hearted. You are a valiant knight in King Arthur’s Court. Of course, you are more than that, yet I dub you Valiant. Of course, when you are fitted with My love, there is no need to be valiant, for Our heart is love. Your personal heart is love too, notwithstanding.

There is no exception to this. I didn’t say your heart is tough. A heart of love is tender. No matter how much a human heart is wounded, it bounces back. Wounds are temporary. Wounds heal. Let them heal in a . Do not nurture wounds. Wounds are not noble. Love is not noble either. Love just loves. Pride heals no wound. Pride is a false bandage. Love is not a band-aid at all. Love is healing in and of itself. Love is the . And, yet, despite the notebooks you fill with heartache, love needs no healing. To say that a heart of love needs healing is like saying that healing needs to be healed. Love just needs to have its say.

Filled with love, you say to your vagrant self: “Enough about me. This so-called injury is a passing fancy like any other. I am not damaged. I am love. I am God’s love. Therefore, I am supreme in love. Love does not analyze woundings. Love kisses imagined wounds goodbye. Love has better things to do than hold wounds to it. Love does not pout. Love moves on, upwards and outwards. Possessed of a heart of love as you are, you do not dwell on pin-pricks. Not for one , do you. Not for one any longer do you savor wounds. Isn’t that what you have been doing? Have you not been squeezing all you can get from love forlorn? Haven’t you made a star of it, a cause célèbre? Hearts do not break.

Yet you have held heartbreak to you. You stab your own heart. You betray it. You belie the heart. Do you really think your heart is so dependent upon another? Do you really thing your heart cannot survive without a billet-doux every day? I send you a billet-doux from My hand every day. I write My heart’s love out to you. My love for you never ceases, not for one moment. In the world, love is fickle. We are beyond the world.

What more is there to say? Life on Earth is itself ephemeral. It is wonderful, yet it is ephemeral. Our love is eternal. It is infinite. We can’t help it. Our love is here to stay.

Human beings love. As you and I become closer in your awareness, so grows your human heart, and your heart cannot be vacant of love. We are lighting the fire of love for other humans now. There will be no putting out this love. Love is here to stay.