God said:

If you are My on , this means that you are to act in My place. Just as there are those who take the place of parents on , you are to act on My behalf. My role is to serve others, and so your role is the same. That&;s it in a nutshell. And so you act in My place, even though I never vacate My place.

Have in mind that you serve Me. That may make life easier for you, for it is well-known that you do not always want to serve others. I believe you can always find it in your heart to serve Me, I, Who serve you.

How to say this: I have no for you to resent. I have no little myself. I am One Great God who has erased myself, as it were. I have no little myself to consider. I have no boundaries before Me. Love has no boundaries, and I am 100% love. Ego cannot find anywhere to get into Me.

I understand very well that you may have thought that either I commit ills or that I carelessly didn’t set life up right in the first place. Do you think now that that is true? Do you really think there is a moment that I am out to get you or that I negligently put a sloppy structure in place? Remember the disclaimer, beloveds. I gave you free will. I gave you the free will to disregard love. I gave you the free will to think negatively. I gave you the free will to hurt others and yourself. I gave you the world of free choice to command. If the world is your ship, you are at the helm.

I do not punish. I do not wreak revenge. I am the furthest away of all from the of tit for tat. My is rather: All for all.

I know that you disapprove of death. That is because you regard the as all-important. The is beautiful and wonderful and deploys itself well. At the same time, it is inconsequential to you. You don’t need it. You don’t require another person either in order to be whole. The is not real. To you it is the most real. Of course, it is, for you are attached to the physical, and therefore you have boundaries.

Let Us get back to your deportment. You are meant to deport yourself as I do. I sail silently throughout the world. I shine as the sun, and I am the stars and moon as well. I am the rain and the wind as well. I am the foundation of the mountains, and the crests as well. I am the depth of the and the waves of the as well. And I am you.

Now, will you march to the beat of My drum? Will you recline yourself back to My image? Will you let the posturing of other Gods before Me go? They are imposters you have imposed upon yourself. I am referring to the gods of money, power, and all that other stuff that has risen on Earth, infiltrated the world really. Now, turn money into love. Turn power into the true power of love. Do you really think that anything comes before love?

You really must, or you wouldn’t perpetuate all the other things you do, like greed, selfishness, fear, imposition, attachment, haggling and so forth. You are not really tied to the lesser things. You can choose love this moment. Now you can let go of the all the other things that have prevented you from letting love have its full expression.