God said:

Of course, you can pursue , yet doesn’t usually work that way. is more like a . As you give, so you receive. As you give of yourself, and the more of yourself you give, the more that comes back to you. Yet to gain return is not meant to be your purpose. Your purpose is to serve, beloveds. That about sums it up.

To have for yourself alone lacks luster. You may think that you do not like to share, yet that is not true. What can keep you from sharing but the idea you may have, that as you share, you lose. No, of course, sharing is gain.

Happiness is gain. And happiness is your privilege.

There is not one good reason why you should lack happiness. Be careful that unhappiness isn’t just a predicated mood. Serve happiness well, and you shall have it. You were created for happiness. For what other purpose would I possibly have created you?

Remind yourself today that you are made for happiness.

Remind yourself that you are God’s creation.

Remind yourself that you are to soar far and away and above the ordinary. I created you extraordinary. Ascend to where you already are. You are cream, wonderful thick cream, soothing to the palate, rising to the top.

You are to be a taste of wonderment.

You are an epicure of love, a testament of love, a document of love, a blush of love, a of love, a fountain of love supreme.

You are not to stay convinced that you have an imperfect flow of love, love stopped up, love intermittent, love uncalled for or love fluctuating, or love unreciprocated, or love needing to be reciprocated, or love needy, or love unfulfilled, or love on strike or love doting. Plain simple unquestioning love is yours now. Love that is steady and happy to be. Love like a light rain, not a storm, love like full sun that yet does not burn.

Now you are love that is bright and steady and fulminating like a blossoming flower, love that stays and has a life of its own independent of drama, love on its own, love satisfied to be itself, as it is, love that reaches but does not grip, love giving and love undemanding, love that gives and gains from giving, love secure, love content in itself, love glad to be and love fully gratified, love promising, love fulfilling its promise, love content to be love issuing from your of gold, your pouring love, love free and not piled up, love sallying forth on a sunny day, love sufficient, balanced, love blossoming like the reddest rose, or the whitest or pinkest. Love in bloom. Your is a rose of love.

The way of love is love. There is no other way.

Love given not for plaudits. Love given because it must and it likes to. Love given as an offering of one seeming heart to another seeming heart, love handed over for God’s sake, for My sake because I want My love circulating all over the world, through hill and dale, through oasis and desert, climbing mountains and sailing seas, the kind of love that is beautiful to see, to give, to feel, to receive, to have, to enjoy, to relish, to like, to serve the Universe, not love on demand, but love undemanding, love undemanded, love free to be love as it is, for what it is worth, for what it is worth is a ’s ransom, love fulminating in more love and more love until the world is filled with love and nothing but love so help you God.