God said:

There are two ways to take life. One is very seriously, and the other is without attachment. I bet you never thought of the opposite of serious as without attachment. That&;s what taking life seriously is about however – attachment to it. That is when life becomes very serious, all serious. Perhaps another way to say seriously is to say tensely. Holding onto an of what life must be and what it must look like is attachment, and bound to bring tension.

Life does not have to be like a wild safari fraught with danger. Life can be a ride up and down the river of life. It can even be paddling in a canoe, or sailing on a paper sail boat. It can be a whistle while you walk in the park of life where there is much mingling and activity, yet still the walk an amble.

Adapt an ambience to life. Give life all you’ve got at the same time as you let it be, waterfalls and changing weather, and varied terrains. As you walk through life, you don’t race. You don’t drag your feet. And when you stumble, you simply set off again on this blessed unknown journey.

Have you had the idea that the journey you are on must be proscribed? The journey you are on is the journey you are on. It is a unique never traveled before journey, and it is yours. It is no one else’s. It is yours. It is bound to have surprises and unknown turns. Life cannot be known until the moment it appears. You are a on the road of life, and yet you are not a wayward . You are on the journey you set out for. Regardless of its twists and turns, you are on your journey.

You don’t have all the say of it. There are too many factors in this life on Earth for you to have a designated map. However, at any in the road, life can change in a , and you can decide much of the . You can welcome life, or block it, or fuss about etc. to whichever degree you choose. You have been doing that right along, and now, today, you can welcome what life offers you. You can lean in the direction you want to go.

It is not necessarily that you are exactly ready for all that life holds, yet you can welcome the known and the unknown just the same. Are not the known and unknown the elements that make up life? It is as if you have two reins in your hand, and you do not hold on more tightly to one rein than you do the other. Hold the reins lightly, beloveds. You and life can be affable. You can get along good-naturedly.

Let go of resistance, and follow your star in the sky. You have a star. It is there. Even when you don’t know which star is yours, it is there beckoning you. Certainly, your star could be any number of bright sparkling stars, yet one is yours.

The stars are calling to your heart. Your star pulls you along sometimes as if you were a sled, and sometimes your star lets you race uphill and downhill. You have your own route. Consider your star the of life that holds you firm and also lets go of you. There is the Will of the Universe, and there is your free will, and sooner or later the twain will meet.

You will enter into a divine route where only love exists and you soar. It is inevitable that you come to this path and stay on it. No longer do you vacillate. You will reach up to the stars, and the stars will swing you as in an embrace, and you will sail through the galaxies right to where you want to be and always were before you got caught up in the illusory changeable and forgot.