God said:

Unfathomable is the course of events. Unfathomable are the actions that people take. Unfathomable are the responses to life and the routes followed. Unfathomable is life.

And, yet, imagine all the figuring, reasoning, and heartache that take place about the unfathomableness of life. Is this not the case?

What if it were preferred that life not be understood, would then the world have a better chance of sitting back and enjoying the adventure? Would you?

Imagine that you were taught at an early age that life is unfathomable, and that this is just fine, that life is not meant to be understood. Eons of history would drop away. Questions would be erased.

It is no mystery that life is unfathomable, and yet My children tap the unfathomable every day and worry it back and forth. “Why, oh, Why?&; is the most asked question, preceded or followed by its variation, “How can this be?&;

Let go of having to understand, and you will have let go.

Yet the desire to understand life is strong, and so, we have science and the amazing discoveries that the human mind has discovered. Life itself wants to understand itself. You are hot on the trail of fathoming the unfathomable. You are the greyhound chasing the rabbit he seemingly can never catch. One question leads to another. There are unending questions. There are always more and more questions to answer and more and more answers.

Questions and answers will be around so long as you need them. According to your will your questions be. And sometimes your questions will surpass your .

So long as you have questions, you will ask them. You must, for questions are the street signs you follow. You deliberate them. You wrestle with them. Even when you don’t find answers, the process of questioning answers something for you.

In the relative world, there are right answers or wrong answers. Five and five are ten, and this is inalterable in the world. Even guesses are often inalterable in the world. Laws are made and must be followed. Judges make decisions. Something is followed.

According to your , questions are worthwhile. That must be so. The process of questioning serves great purpose. And, yet, the answers themselves are merely commentary.

Even so, there comes a time when you no longer have any questions to ask, and who would there be to ask anyway?

When love fills the world, when all is well, absence of questioning is okay because you know the One Reality. You have seen the light, and you are filled with it. You would not even ask: “Why am I no longer asking questions?” On another level, on another vibration, you have resonance, and questions are no longer in the equation. They have gone into the ether. Questions are simply not discernible.

It is not exactly that you know the answer. You simply don’t have the question. You have Truth in the palm of your hand.

You have the Wholeness that you so wanted questions and answers to give you. On the level of Oneness, you are One.

By no means are you to stop asking questions because of the value of not asking questions. While you question, you must ask yourself your questions. And when you, from the fullness of your heart and your Being, no longer have questions to ask, then questions will not arise and answers will not be sought. There will be no why’s and wherefore’s. There will be Being. Beingness asks no questions.

Meanwhile, toss around your questions. They will inevitably lead you to Me.