God said:

I summon you to Me. I summon you now. You are ready for a vacation, aren’t you? You are ready to make less of life and more of Me, and more of yourself. You are meant to be a free-spirited Being who is light of . Come, let Me lift you. Be My who amazes even with your grace.

Well, of course, nothing will amaze Me, and yet you are amazing. If you can have so amazingly blinded yourself to your true worth, what is there that you could possibly not do? The world is your oyster, beloveds, for you are a Divine Being. You are not less.

True, there is the human side of you that disappoints you, and yet you really are Divine. Despite the fragileness of your human side, you are strong. You are almighty. There is no obstacle that can vanquish you. You are lifted upon the wings of angels, and you are flying high.

What a flyer you are, what a soarer, what a Divine Being. You be less. All your protests to the contrary, you be less than what I say you are. You be less than what you really are. You can have demonstrations of less, yet what are demonstrations but will-o’-the-wisps? Because you demonstrated something doesn’t mean you are what you demonstrated.

When you play a part in a play, you play it. That you say the lines and perform the actions of the doesn’t make you that . It makes you someone who reads a part. And that is what you have done in life, played the part of someone who is not really you. You play-acted. You tried it on for size. On Earth, you have many times been playing a role. You have been play-acting. You have been playing a game, and you took it for real. Anything less than divinity is not real. Anything less than love is simply not true. It is a .

In , there are no bad guys. No matter how bad-seeming, there is a core of light within everyone. Way too often, that core of light is covered up, and darkness shows. Nevertheless, light unrevealed is beneath the darkness revealed. Absence of light is not so. Light is so.

Despite appearances, you and everyone else has a heart of gold. Your heart is made of Mine. When less than My light shows, you have been dissembling. You have been living a lie. Your DNA is good. You have everything within you to fulfill My dream of peace on Earth. Fulfill My dream now.

Whatever hat you have been wearing, unless it reveals you as beautiful, it has been a lie, an outright lie. The worst you can be is pretending that you are less than what I tell you emphatically that you are. You can act in a waywardly fashion. You can be a phenomenal actor. You can convince yourself, and you can convince the world that you are unworthy, and yet you are growing out of it.

You cannot expect Me to change what I see and what I say, for I speak Truth. What you may have convinced yourself of is exceedingly not Truth. Change the picture you have of yourself. Change your tune. Leave the myths you have been telling yourself and the world. You have defamed yourself, and you have deluded the world. Turn toward the Light, beloveds, and then see the light.