God said:

From the valleys of your comes love. Love springs up. It arises of its own accord. Love needs no mastering. Love needs to be allowed to be. This welling up of your is the easiest thing in the world unless you order love around. Of course, you have been ordering it around. You have told love where to go and where not to go, how to swim around the shoals, when to be false and when to be true, when to be bold and when to be hidden. When it comes to love, you have directed traffic. Don&;t be a traffic cop when it comes to love.

Most of My children and many of you here who read My words have fears about being hurt, fears about being loved for a while and then loved no longer, or fears that your love will become a runaway, and that you will have to follow. Love will make you get up from the you sit on. It is not other’s love to and for you that are your . Nor is your own heart’s love to be a . Let love be what it is.

Once again, I remind you that love and attachment are two different things. Love lets go. Attachment holds on to another’s love as if your very life depended on it. You don’t have to receive love from other human beings. You have to give love. You have to let your love roll.

What if you give a smile to everyone you see today, the people whom you already know and the people you are seeing for the first time? What if you give love impartial? Impartial love is very good. Love everyone according to your love, not their love. Love is meant to have a life of its own. It is not meant to possess nor to be possessed. Love is meant to fly its own flag. Oh, to love without attachment. Letting go is such an accomplishment. Freeing your love is such an accomplishment. Freeing is not withdrawing. Love, once given, is. Love, not given, is remorseful. Never deny love again.

Why is your need so great to be a special love, a favored love, a notable love? Love given to another is still love given to you. Love, by its very nature, is shared. It is communal. It is universal. Love is not like a teabag that is meant for one cup. Love is more like a shining star that shines on all those who look up at it. Love never has to rub its eyes. Love sees clearly with its eyes of love. Love is a strong-winged bird that flies. Love needs no target. There is the pure joy of love much like the pure love of flying. When you have wings, how can you not fly? When you have love, how can you not give it? Donate your love to the Universe.

Love is not money to be counted. Love is a gold coin that reaches everyone everywhere. There is no such thing really as a of love. Or, if there is such a thing as a of love, it is potent. It is very potent. Love has the strength of a giant, the free-flow of a whale, and the light of the sun. Love is the water you splash in. Love belongs to all. Splash more. Splash high, and splash low. Splash.

Love is the Ocean and the Tide of the Ocean. How natural is love. Love does not evaporate. Love goes on and on. It is the ladder to and from . Climb on it.