God said:

Where do I not reach? Into which cranny am I not present? There is not a molecule where I am not. And yet I am doubted, and yet I am overlooked, and yet many crave Me while some object.

I have broad shoulders, and yet why should I be held responsible for anything or that occurs? Or, why cannot that occurs be seen in a different light? Really, I created balance in the world. I, Who created and the Moon and whirling planets, why would I deign to create disorder in your life?

If attachment to the world could float away, no one would be in dismay. You would not be in dismay. Something that had its duration in the world of time has floated away while your attachment hovers. If you were on stage in a chorus of dancing men and women, it would be said that you have lost your beat. You are behind the times. Sometimes you are ahead of the times in that you have gotten ahead of life and mourn for what has not yet occurred. Stay with the times, even though sense of time is an agreed-upon fancy.

In truth, everything in the world that has happened or will happen is occurring in this very moment, if it is actually occurring at all, so how can anything be lost?

What you are really afraid of losing is . You want to call the shots. Yet your of events in the world was only a presumption. Nevertheless, your thoughts have played a powerful part. Your thoughts, the way you think, the way you speak, affect the manifestation of the world. Your backfires, beloveds. There are times when you fuel the fires for what you do not want. That is, beloveds, because you wish to keep your just as it is. You may have a deep unwillingness to . You have a deep unwillingness to how you see. You have a deep unwillingness to take responsibility.

Some of My children run around in a world where they see themselves as . That seems to be how they want to see the world. They want to see themselves an innocent , and, therefore, they perpetuate their victimhood. They cannot take responsibility. They concern themselves with what others do and how others must change, and, therefore, do not come to the realization that they themselves have to change. So long as My children bounce the ball of life in a certain way, it comes back to them in a certain way. And they, if unwilling to change themselves and their perception of the world, continue to blame aught else. Often those who want to control are controlling, even though the results are not what they prefer, and, yet, because they have a stance in the world, they repeatedly get what they don’t want. They must want to be more than they want to change themselves. How innocent a is. He bears no responsibility.

Swear off being a victim. Lighten the load you carry. Free yourself and free others. What you see in the world is a reflection of yourself. If you want to see what you look like, look in the mirror of your world. You have not wanted to look.

I am, of course, talking about adults and not children.

What is so hard to say that you will change your perceived role? If you truly wish to change a situation and not just groan about it, change your perception. It can be done. You can do it. If life, as it is, is a burden, you have contributed to it. You are not so innocent as you like to think.

You bear responsibility. Be responsible, and then the configuration of your personal world changes, and those around you can change.