God said:

Sometimes My children are abused. This is not My desire. Although I am everywhere all the time, I do not dash here and there as Superman might do. Whatever injustice came to Superman&;s attention, he would change his clothes and dash off to the rescue. Superman saw from one level. I see from all ways.

I do ask you to call on Me. Remember Me, yet do not hold Me responsible for that occurs. It is unlikely that I planned it that way. I did give you free will. And that is a blessing I gave to you. I cannot give it to you and not give it to others. I cannot always stay another’s hand.

And, of course, you and I, at present, do not have the same vision. You see one dot of the Universe. I see it all. If you could see as I do see, you would not panic. You would not be fearful. You would see beyond the events. You would see beyond your nose.

Of course, if you could see as I do see, you would not be afraid of anything. You would be quick to see beyond what you presently see. You would see events unfolding, the same way you see the sky, the dawning sun, the setting sun, the stars and all the darkness in between. You would see the darkness as a step to light. You would see as you are not yet able to see.

As matter of fact, you would see beyond the beyond. You would see love. You would see mercy. Most of all, you would feel love and need no mercy.

The world view serves a purpose, yet it is such a narrow view. You see someone shooting an arrow at you, and you see how much it matters. You see your life at stake, and you see your helplessness. You do not see but a tiny picture. Life on is not everything, beloveds, and you do not see enough. The human being you are flinches. The human being you are cries. The human being you are suffers. The human being has reason to, and yet the human being doesn’t know enough.

Life and death are beyond human . Hurtful acts are beyond human . If there were , no one would commit hurtful acts on the physical, mental, or heart levels in the first place. If there were , no one would ever think of hurting another in any way. Of course not.

And if there is enough understanding, no one would suffer. There would be no suffering.

Responsibility would not be tossed around and called blame.

The innocent would not suffer, and everyone would be innocent. Everyone is innocent. Even the worst person you can imagine is innocent. He doesn’t know what he is doing. If he knew, he wouldn’t do it. The degree is different, of course, yet you have also wounded others innocently. Now that you have greater awareness, you would take it back if you could. Take it back then with more understanding of those who inflict hurt. They are, of course, inflicting it on themselves.

The hurt and hurter are one and the same. You may never shoot another, and yet you have felt the same as one who does shoot. You have felt the same anger. Note that the shooter has also been a victim.

Let’s remove all the cloaks of victimhood, and there will be no marauders. Everyone will be decent then. Earth will be widely declared as on Earth.