God said:

Life seems as it seems, and yet nothing is as it seems. The ground you walk on is sturdy and strong, and yet it is not really there. Your steps may be firm, and yet you are walking on illusion. The that this is a dream is accurate. There is a flip of a switch, and you adhere to . It becomes your domain, yet your dream is an extended dream, and you play it out.

You are in a movie theater, and yet there is no theater to be in, and no movie. It is a pretend movie that everyone seems to exist in. There are colors and heroes and mad dancing and so exquisite that you are transformed. The seeming you, the modified you, is transformed. From great , from great love, the of the spheres is heard, and it is held in your heart, and it is held as a reminder of from whence you came, and where you actually are now.

Everyone sees you as a standing or sitting there, and yet the is made-up fiction, and there is, in , no one there to see your so heartily believed in. This is the way of life. It is a made-up journey told at great length. It is a haunted house, and it is a princely kingdom, and it is nothing at all.

Until you wake, you believe the dream you only dream. Of course, you do. Dream on, beloveds. Cavort in this lingering dream. Soon you will wake up to that which seems like only a dream to you right now. Even though your finger can bleed, even though everyone believes in what they see, there is a greater dimension not yet seen, heard about yet not fully known or realized at all, yet is hinted at and circled around.

And yet the dawn of Truth will arise, and you will rise with this dawn. You will rise to your full stature which is not pie in the sky but the very foundation of the dream you dream. You are a soul walking around on , and you know it not. You would like to know it, yet you know it not. You crave this full state of Being, and yet it seems like the dream to you. The dreamer dreams.

The dreamer wanders alone in his dream. He believes utterly in his dream. He believes more in what is not than he believes in what is. This is a fine kettle of fish, isn’t it?

Even so, you are growing beyond the borders of your dream. And, even as you do not grasp the Truth of it, underlying all the illusion, you do know. You see the frame and believe in the frame more than the true picture within it, and, yet, and yet, you know more than you let yourself know. You know there is something incredible that is almost too much to ask for, and yet you live this deeply incredible state. You don’t know it. You don’t really accept it, and, yet, at the same time you are awake. Truth and fiction are going on at the same time. You can’t get away from the Truth. The boundless Truth is where you are at, and yet you give credence to the dream and have not yet awakened to Reality. You are in Truth, and yet you believe the dream is the truth even when you have an idea that it is not.

Could We even talk about Truth unless you had some realization of what is beyond the dream? What would We be talking about if Truth were not in your sight?