God said:

You are the Holy of Holies. Hard to believe, isn’t it, and yet that is the bare bones of Truth. I love you as Myself, and now you are learning to love all others as Myself, yourself, and all the others who only masquerade as the seeming in between.

Holy is the of you. Holy is the soul of you that accompanies you in your portrayal of your journey of life on . Life on is truly your soul’s journey. You are on My Journey of Life on . Who else’s journey could you be on? What else could you be doing here on but fulfilling Me? What else is there to do? Watch television? Run uphill and downhill?

Oh, yes, there is of monkeying around. There is of looking away. Your attention wanders. Your eyes wander looking for something, looking for cookies maybe, or looking at the way a man or woman walk, or seeking a book to read. Read Me, beloveds. Read Me. Hold Me in your backpack, as it were. Pull Me out often. Devour Me.

Me the sights. Me you. How beautiful you are as you draw closer and closer to Me. There is nothing else to draw closer to. I am all there is. That is the whole story. That is the plot.

You seek and seek and know not what you seek. You seek diamonds and pearls and rubies beyond compare. You seek companionship in life here and there and everywhere, and I am the only Companion. I am the Companion of note. I am the Jewel you seek, and you wear Me in your heart.

You have climbed up the mountain and slide down again and again. You are the peruser of yourself and therefore of Me.

I am the Badge of your heart. Only you bandage your heart. You keep it for safe-keeping, and yet you are safe with Me. You, the love of My life, are safe with Me. I am indebted to you. I hold you carefully and tenderly. You are precious to Me, even disguised as you are. I know you. I know the depth and breadth and height of you. I know well what you have seemingly forgotten. You perpetuate loneliness upon yourself. How can you be lonely when I am in your heart?

Do you seek loneliness? Have you been seeking to prove loneliness? Prove otherness, and you will have proven loneliness. Loneliness is not My dream for you. I am My dream for you, as you are My dream for Me. You are My Dream Child, fashioned the day the Earth was born. Without you, I was God but not Father or Mother. When you came into existence, you created Me, as it were. You gave Me a Name, and the Name was God. I existed before you, and yet, at the same time, you also created Me. I was before the world, and I always was, and, yet, there is the sense in which the world manifested Me, made Me be known.

I want to be known. It is not fame I want. It is you I want. I want you in My Arms of Love. I want you at My side. I want you to be the necklace I wear, so beautiful are you. I want to be the woolen scarf you wear that keeps you warm. I want to be the shade of the elm tree that cools your forehead on hot summer days. I want to be known to you. Take off your mask so you may see yourself, so you may see in Whose Image you are.