God said:

You are already on the other side of the mountain that you climb. You already are where you think is far away. You are already enjoined with Me. There is no far away except in your . From your , come your beliefs. Your beliefs are not always true. If you believe you are far away from the of God, or that God is far away from you, then such beliefs are most certainly not true. Oneness is true. The sun shines on all the same.

Looks are deceiving.

At the same time, there is something sweet in your search for Union with Me. There is something sweet in your searching for that which is already yours. There is sweetness in your attempt to find Me, even though I am already yours.

On every level, it is a sure thing that you will locate Me. It is a sure thing that I will be found in your heart. Perhaps, without My Presence in your heart, you would not search for Me. The fact is that your heart is dependent upon Me. Without My Presence, your heart would not exist. Isn’t that obvious?

Now I am going to say two opposites. What would think he could create himself? And yet I created Myself in you, yet no am I. I duplicated Myself, so I suppose you could say you created yourself. Of course, you recreate versions of yourself daily. Your evolution is to see more clearly Who you are and always were. cannot depart from . can only be . Whether feels like to you at any given moment is beside the point. is what is and not what you say is.

You are an explorer in the world on My behalf. You are an explorer and discoverer. You discover your own True Self. You are not the stick figure you drew. You are not the ragged figment of your imagination. You are not a mythological departure from Me, sewed by your hand without full sight. You are not really blind. You are blinded, however. How dazzling is the Truth of You, the Truth of you and Me. We are partners to the degree that We are One. We cannot be anything else but One. When it comes to Me, fragments are not possible. Fragments can be deduced but impossible. Of course, there is the human side of you that makes such deductions. There is also the side of you – a preponderance of – that knows better.

Your mind cannot encompass that which your heart knows. That brilliant mind can go only so far. The heart that beats in your breast knows all. Your heart has no limits, no borders, no restrictions except, of course, for those the mind overlays on your heart. Love the mind just the same, even though it tries to shackle your heart. The mind doesn’t know all. The mind misreads. It cannot see what it doesn’t see.

The day will come when your mind moves over for your heart, and then your mind will be in awe. Your mind will bow down to your heart. Heart waves will take precedence over brain waves. Heart and mind will become One, and the eye will see, and your heart will venture beyond the horizons that the mind once set up.

The mind apologizes. Forgive the mind because it knew only what it knew and didn’t know what it didn’t know and couldn’t see.

It is your heart that sees far and leaps over the horizons of the mind.