God said:

God has infinite patience and takes no offense, yet it is not patience that God has. Patience has an impatient side. Patience is patient despite its impatience. Impatience is the dark side of patience. In Truth, God has neither patience nor impatience. God does not wait. God does not put up with anything. Humans cluck their tongues and put up with things in the name of patience which is just another side of impatience. God knows better.

What can a God wait for when there is no time to wait in? God does not tap His foot, waiting for you to fulfill yourself. God already knows you are fulfilled. He knows that you are already with Him in . In no one taps his foot.
On Earth, no one faults a newborn baby for not walking. And, so, I do not fault you for your assumptions and your inability to see as far as I can see. I know you will. I know you are simply on baby steps of evolution and that you are climbing as fast as you can. Even as your climb is slow by measured , I know you are climbing as fast as you can. I also know you will climb faster. I know that, in a , you will be here, and you will have forgotten that you ever thought you weren’t right here with Me. You will have woken from your colorless dream, for you only dreamed in gray, as it were. You dreamed in blur. Am I to be impatient for that? Am I to forgive you? For what? For having the dream you had and taking all the time in the world to wake up? Certainly, I understand that your journey is your journey. It is not someone else’s.
I never stopped embracing you. I never paused. I never saw you as you seemed to see yourself. I see all. I know all. I know you. I have more than a vision. I see Reality. Part of Reality is that you, also, will see. You are beginning to see now. You are half way up the . You are already beyond the point of no return. No return to past for you. You do not slip back, beloveds. You keep climbing. Your falls from grace are only . You have been steeped in . Even a teabag comes out of the cup it was in. Do you not know that you are far more than a teabag? As lovely as tea in a tea bag or without a tea bag is, you are far greater. We could say with tongue-in-cheek that you are My cup of tea. I brewed you long ago, and you are just about ready. Do you begin to feel it? Feel your readiness? Do you begin to sense that you are at the top of the and you are taking a peek at all there is to see from the peak? You are so close. It is effortless now. It is simply a question of your opening your eyes and looking at what is. It is no great accomplishment really. Of course, the contrast is great. The contrast between what you thought and what is actually true couldn’t have been greater. The distance was a mile wide. The perceived distance was as far as far can be, and, yet, there was no distance at all. The mind conceived distance. The mind just couldn’t quite add that one and one is One. The mind had a system it couldn’t quite get out of.
Now it can. Now it will. And you and your mind will laugh at the joke once you get it.