I just read a channeled message from Metatron, through Tyberonn, shared by my friend Erin, from my friend Seth’s website (click on Metatron to get to the message). Our spirit family is having a reunion. This message reminded me of some of the planetary grid construction I was lead to do in the early ’90′s. (along with a kagillion other people and assorted ET’s incarnate and otherwise). I also just saw an episode of on the that featured some of the important Megalith sites in . One of the people featured on the show was Jorge Delgado. He was our on a trip to Peru at the end of ’93. Because I’m being synchronisticly  and serendipitously (how’s that Erica!) reminded of these events, I guess my higher self is indicating that this is the  synergistic time to share what happened.

In the early ’90′s my wife Karen and I traveled to various places around the USA, as guided, and performed grid building/healing ceremonies involving our personal wands and spontaneous sound invocations. What I didn’t notice until I was (alone of course) at the top of the mountain above Crestone, CO (summer ’93), was a space saucer and a grid. (I saw them ethericly). When I did the “ceremony”, the grid changed shape and my personal grid became entangled with it. Then I experienced an infusion of light, which I now understand was causing changes in my blood and DNA. I was imprinted with these light codes. When I got back to our camp site, there was a fellow there we had met, John, who was talking to Karen and my son Noah. (who was along with us on this trip). I was beat and went into the tent with Karen and I believe Noah. John went back to his campsite. I told Karen and Noah what had happened (they had started up the mountain with me in the morning but turned back half way up. I just knew I had to get to the top, which was at 12,000 feet). Karen said that right before I  returned (I was gone for about 6 hours), John said that I was fine and on my way down, and that I had encountered a space ship and the grid. So that confirmed my experience. What it meant, I really wasn’t certain.

During the last 3 weeks of ’93 we went on a trip to Peru with a group lead by a couple called Thena and Avalon. We first went to Cuzco and . Our guide for that portion of the trip was Jorge Delgado, Andean shaman, mystic, healer and Peru’s premier spiritual tour guide (according to today). One of the sites, a bus ride from Cuzco, is Ollantaytambo. Its the thumbnail picture on the left. If you click to enlarge it, you will see a set of stairs on the right, that goes up, and a path at the top of the stairs that leads to the stairs on the left. About one hundred feet along the path where the mountain bulges out, there was a niche carved into the rock. It probably was there to hold some kind of votive figure at one time, long ago. I stuck my head into the niche and lost sense of time.

A deep tone issued from my mouth/throat/body. When the tone stopped, I stood erect and took one step backwards. A hand grabbed my shoulder (Avalon’s) and prevented me from taking a second step off the side of the mountain. As I returned from that altered state, I looked at Jorge. It seemed he had also just returned from an altered state. He looked at me with wide eyes and said  he had never experienced anything like that before (it was 17 years ago after all). At the time we agreed that some kind of activation of us and the area had just occurred but no one had any more information. We then continued our tour of the site and the incident became like another wild dream. Something one doesn’t think about again until there is a memory catalyst that brings it back to consciousness. Except the level of consciousness has now changed and its understood in an expanded light. (literally, because that’s the only way it could be understood!)

We went on to Machu Picchu after which Jorge left us and we went to a then relatively unknown site near called Markawasi. Then, on a bus through Peru’s mountain deserts on our way to Ica. We stopped for lunch at a small seaside town (with our group of about 25, lunch took 2-4 hours because if you ordered chicken soup, they had to first go in back and kill the chickens.) There was a tour boat dock, and after lunch Avalon herded us into 2 boats for a ride. We didn’t really know where we were going. (In retrospect, there were travel posters of El Candelabro around town, with Spanish captions, which I couldn’t read.) I thought it was just a boat ride along the coast, to swim at a secluded beach.

After about 20 minutes, we came around a bend and there was EL Candelabro! The view was just like the left thumbnail above. (That’s probably the same boat 17 years later). After we looked at El Candelabro for a while, the boats started back. Then, after about a half mile, the boats stopped where there was a small sandy beach. They anchored a ways out so the rocks wouldn’t sink us. Someone said “who wants to go swimming” and dove in. We didn’t have suits so I just took off my shoes and jumped in.

There were about 7 people including Karen who swam toward the beach. Avalon hit the beach first and started running up this sand dune. It was really a very coarse, small, sharp, gravel. Avalon disappeared over the top of the dune. The stones were hurting my feet, but I continued on over the top of the dune, and low and behold! There was El Candelabro!

If you click on the middle picture, you will see a box shape near the bottom. The shorter sides are about 15 feet long, to give you some sense of scale. It was like a giant drew his finger through the gravelly sand to make the symbol. It is not carved in rock! Notice the foot prints at the top left (not mine). The wind blows the foot prints away, but El Candelabro always stays!

Most of the group stayed around the base, but I had to run up the center, and get to the top of that center “post”, then run over to the top of each of the two end arms. I needed to keep to the beach, because the boats were ready to leave. I swam to the boat and was dragged inside, totally exhausted. When sensation started coming back into my body, I noticed that my right foot had 7 cuts on it that were bleeding a little bit. My right foot had no cuts at all. I also new that my blood, carrying all the grid light codes, from all the places I had connected with in the USA, and Peru, and all the places my 300 wands had been taken by their caretakers, had been transferred to the grid at El Candelabro.

Was any of this real? Was I carrying light codes? Read Metatron’s message and you tell me!

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