January 23 – 30, 2011


You are now entering the of and will be experiencing the easier manifestation of your . The feeling of wondrous anticipation that you have been experiencing is this new of that is now pouring down upon the and everyone and everything upon Her. Try to connect to the feeling of expansiveness and practice visualizing your outer self as an expanded, much larger Light Body, that glows with pure Light!

Although there is still cleansing and releasing happening within each of you, there is now a feeling of greater joy and lightness of Being, too. This is a good time to focus and write down what it is you want to experience in this New Year and keep this list ever within your vision and close to you in your sacred space at all times. When you feel yourselves waning in , read back to yourself what you want in your life and your World and expect the highest outcome for the highest good of all concerned. Then, pull up your socks and trudge forward again!

We praise the Human Spirit that is so resilient and determined to manifest a better World and your ability to Love one another even if your own heart seems to be breaking. We encourage you once again, to substitute uplifting thoughts when those of a sadder and lower vibration come into your mind. Be bold! Be daring! See and experience yourselves as Magnificent and powerful Beings in your imagination, dance, sing, light up the stars in the night sky, and before you know it, your mood and your feelings have been lifted up to a higher and happier frame of mind. This is alchemy, Beloved Ones. You are the Creator of your reality!

Spend a few moments each day blessing the Earth, all of Humanity, and all the Kingdoms of the Earth and sending forth the Violet Ray to encompass all. You have no idea how much this action alone can help uplift the frequency of your Planet. Calling upon us before you start will enable us to join with you to magnify and expand the reach of your blessing to all corners of the Earth.

You have now entered a time of truly being the Light in every action, thought, word or deed. We know and understand that some old habits and ways are difficult to replace but if you persist, Beloved Ones, there will come a time when all is cleansed, and all that has been holding you back will have been overcome, and life upon your Planet will become the that you have all striven so diligently to manifest.

Hold ever to this highest Vision for the Earth and all upon Her, for in so doing, you are anchoring the Light and Goodness that you have desired your whole lifetime and which you are now bringing into fruition. We are ever at your service, as always.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion


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