01/16/2011 by John Smallman

As you know deep within yourselves, you are perfect beings, created by for eternal .  As you experience life in the illusion, it is very difficult for you to bring this knowledge into your conscious awareness.  You are so heavily invested in making the illusion real, and all the suffering that is a major aspect of it, that it is very hard to believe in your all-powerful and infinitely loving Father.  Many of you believe that because of the pain and suffering you experience and observe around you that a loving could not possibly exist.  It does not make sense that a loving would create such a world – and of course He did not! – and yet you want to believe that there truly is a Who loves you and will raise you out of your misery.

Many believe that suffering is , justly deserved, for the horrifying and most sinful of , and that it will only end when sufficient sacrifices have been offered by those who are not innately wicked themselves, and when the truly wicked have been condemned and banished to a place of eternal and infinite suffering.  But to believe this is insane!  People who are insanely unaware and incapable of compassion, due to the suffering that they have undergone, block access to their true feelings because of their pain.  As a they use reason and logic to justify judgment and condemnation of others, and they seek positions of power and authority in order to impose punishment on those they have judged and found guilty.  They believe it is their duty to cleanse the world of evil.

Unfortunately many of you believe that evil is endemic in cultures other than your own, and so you support these authority figures who claim to make it their business to cleanse the world of the evils of crime, terrorism, drug addiction, immorality, or any other apparent evil on which they choose to focus their attention.  The means they choose to carry out the necessary cleansing cause immense harm and damage, which they either refuse to acknowledge or else attempt to conceal.

Humanity — each individual person — needs to stop supporting and joining groups that offer protection from the various “isms” that they portray as evils, which, if left to themselves, would destroy civilized society — because these groups mostly do exactly what they condemn in others, justifying it as a necessary and unavoidable result of the others’ unconscionable behavior.   Humanity has been doing this for eons.  But now, for the first time, enough people are sufficiently aware of the insane destructiveness of this side-taking behavior to enable them to begin to change it, by refusing to join in and support these groups, and instead, to make their disagreement with these divisive and destructive attitudes known.

The established order worldwide has for eons brought pain and suffering to all as it has sought to maintain the status quo of the elite controlling the governed.  This is now changing, as it must, and you can see signs of it everywhere, as monstrous secret agreements and betrayals that were hidden are revealed, shocking many of you.  These disclosures are helping you to move towards awakening as the insanity and the unreality of the illusion seeps into your awareness.

As I said, you know that there is a loving God Who created you all as perfect beings, and you are starting to acknowledge that divine truth.  This is a major leap forward from the belief that humanity is intrinsically evil and born in sin.  It is an awareness that you need to honor and rejoice in!  The evil you have become so accustomed to seeing all around you is an insane aspect of the insane nightmare you have been experiencing in your illusory reality, and as you withdraw your support for it and focus on the perfection in which you were all created, it will disintegrate and disperse.

With so very much love, Saul.