As you know, God’s for His beloved children is quite wondrous, and what He wills, is.  You, however, have free and can choose not to participate with Him.  You chose to do your own thing by building the illusion and hiding from Him within it, and how long you remain within it is truly your choice.  You may think you want to leave it and return to His , but until you forgive yourselves and one another unconditionally, and release all the grudges, judgments, and resentments you hold, you do not truly intend and will to return .

Reality is a of bliss, in which all is in a of perfect harmonious wholeness, where nothing is hidden, and where all is at peace.  By holding on to even the slightest amount of anger, resentment, non-acceptance, or self-pity you anchor yourselves firmly in your reality, where such attitudes are quite normal.  To feel that you have been treated unfairly and to expect God to compensate you for the suffering that you have experienced makes absolutely no sense.  The illusion does not exist; nothing happened there; and those onto which you are holding cannot be reconciled — they can only be released.  There is only Love, which is all-enveloping.

You have all met kind, generous people who accept the situation in which they find themselves, however it may appear, and then deal with it competently without judging or blaming.  Frequently, it has unnerved you, as you perhaps thought to yourself “I would not put up with that! It’s not right or fair!”when you are accustomed to judging and blaming, as is the vast majority experiencing life in the illusion.  It is very unsettling to see someone accepting a situation that you judge as unacceptable.  You want to see them fight for their rights; you might even to want to fight alongside them yourself.  Peaceful acceptance of denied rights is very difficult for you to understand, and you remind yourselves of instances where you have seen wrongs righted by force of arms or of the law, and have judged them to be occasions of demonstrated.

The illusion is illusory, and within it there is no justice because nothing that happens there really happens.  But as long as you believe in it, and by doing so support it, it will seem very real, along with the suffering and injustice experienced there.  To stop believing in it you have to stop taking sides, and stop judging, blaming, and bearing grudges, and you have to start forgiving those you have judged.  And the first person you have to forgive is yourself.  As you begin to live like this you will find yourself experiencing moments of unexpected peace, and this will give you the motivation to continue.

In the end, judgment is always self-judgment, as people and situations reflect back to you your own sense of unworthiness or wickedness.  But you are not unworthy and you are not wicked.  You are perfect because that is how your Father created you.  And when you accept that fact you will cease behaving in a way that disturbs or unsettles you.  Then you will release the negative attitudes to which you have been clinging so firmly — and the anchor that has been holding you in the illusion will be weighed as you sail for Home.

With so very much love, Saul.