What does this physical being want? Mind driven drivel mis-aligned to Higher Purpose, often charging into the situation prepared to defend an untenable balance of uncertainty in these changing times. Why does the mind try to control the indomitable spirit in this ballroom experience of shimmering waves of exalted joy only to cringe in the corner ever-frightful of… What?

There is only Love permeation of All abundant to all and yet accessed by so few in the past and now seen at this very moment by the entire world as I open the doors to LOVE. Throw them wide so gently in their motion they fly off on wings of the angels present to our evolution glowing with appreciation for our expansion. The garden opens before me, lush in its vibrant hues of technicolor sounds and replete with the highest notes of softness seen by mine eyes. Gushing forth the spring, the Godhead Fount of Life… giving heavenly humidity, oft unseen, to the peaceful crescendo that meets the untrained eye.

As I soar into the heavens, with the eyes of Hawk, I see. There, in the beating of a heart pulses the entire ecstatic to participate with the participant, ever coming closer to a reuniting embrace of wholeness. Plunge into the depths, Hawk takes me on my Journey… the Spiritual Warrior intent on reclaiming lost in past battles when I knew not the Truth and war was waged on my behalf. Deeper into the darkness Hawk will take me with Love in the whisper of a wing caressing the air across the breath of contact and it returns. Upward, outward and expanding beyond the known and into the vastness of the smallest bauble of holographic essence attuned to the vibration of Love.

Hovering now, healing and listening, Hawk attuned, a restful and vigilant dichotomy that defies all … and it is so, serves me no more in this new experience. has gone as far as it can go.


Yes, as often happens… Just as I am about to release Logic as my system, I see that word count at 9… the energy of completion and letting go… my Destiny Card

Logic got me to that place. Logic represents someone else’s experience. Logic often focuses me in a direction that goes against my Highest Good. Logic… too much reliance on a mind molded by the external world’s teachings of others, when I already have all that I need. Logic created disparity in my experience and every time I went with Logic over my Higher Consciousness it hurt… There was fracture and I lost a small piece of my essence and power. Logic is the teachings of others, received through a guidance system that rejected creativity and encourages the norm.

Well, I let it go…. I embrace my Higher Consciousness… that is my connection to , the garden expands and melodious whisperings from the higher realms echo in my fingertips bridge. There is much Love available right now. Tuning my senses, Hawk imbues a whispered click of beak clatter through pursed lips I exhale the last of that old and receive heavenly waters humidifying my Soul cascading through ethereal bodies into my skin I feel the breath release. The Light is building…

Love rules this house, I make no exception. That is my choice. Love is Creation and I am a Creator. Love is Source and I am Source. Love is Divine and I am Divine. Love is Freedom and I am Free. Love is my guide and the keys to my temple. Love opens the Universe and exposes the infintesimal, where I can access the entire holographic nature of my Experience. Love takes us on the Journey and guides the way. Love brings us to the garden… Love brings us home…

Higher Guidance I embrace as I continue this Journey. Always holding steady and true to my Highest Truth in Love and Kindness I walk with Creator, through the garden we go in stillness I find it and in these words I share.

Much Love to you on your Journey,


the Buffalo Diaries