Nick Nash

Looking For The Lantern

Greetings, Dear Ones! I offer you a blessing of love from the Most High and enormous gratitude for your efforts. A time of celebration has passed and time as you measure it begins anew. Many of you can sense that this imminent year will see great shifts in consciousness, accompanied by even more significant actions taking place on a global stage. The triple event on your solstice served many purposes and was highly significant. It is no coincidence it occurred to usher in a new year. Seldom do I communicate in this manner and speak of future events. There are many others who are specifically tasked with that aspect of the Divine Plan. My unique contribution is to assist each of you in achieving your full spiritual potential and this , while not a forecast of the future, will serve you well in preparing for it.

It is imperative I mention that, while not communicating in this manner for some time, I have still remained very close by and very aware. To understand this key I am offering today, it is important, however, that you are very aware of the stirring within you. It is no accident or coincidence that many of you experience a slight flutter in your stomach when contemplating what this new year will bring. I have often stressed the necessity of being open-minded but objective in your search for knowledge. As new information becomes available, it is imperative that it is not dismissed out of hand or because it does not fall within your established paradigm. You must understand that there is a type of “sorting&; that is occurring presently. Many very enlightened beings have chosen this time to take physical human form and are only now beginning to awaken to that. Incredible intelligence at work, even now, among these very enlightened souls, who are uncovering and recovering ideas that are required to shape a true . Like the string of a vintage violin, their energetic intent vibrates outwards and connects with those of like vibration.

As a consequence, many of you will be facing a fast track scenario. You will be required to not only recover wisdom, but to assimilate it as well in a much shorter time than you’ve been accustomed to. The effects of this fast track, as I call it, will be unique to the individual. You are already each intimately familiar with the ascension process and the continuing strength of the being directed from locations out of space and time, if only by the effects it has had on your bodies and lives. For each, the indications were unique but nonetheless recognizable to the individual. The point here is how important the component is.

I have called this key “Looking For The Lantern” largely because the term will greatly reinforce its fundamental aspect. To explain, allow me to present an analogy. Consider the common cold. Each of you has endured it for varying lengths of time and to different degrees, depending on your physiology. It is no secret that the real effects are precluded by more subtle indicators. Your science has claimed to have no true cure for it but there are specific herbs that can quickly counter the effects and even the virus itself, before the symptoms are fully felt. The key in using these herbs is early detection, which means recognition of the early symptoms. Similarly, prior to any new phase of spiritual development or learning of life’s lessons, as per your contract, there are very specific signs and symptoms to indicate the onset of a new phase of potential growth.

“Looking For The Lantern” is simply my reminder to you to remain aware. Very often, you will receive moments of great clarity, or adversely, moments of monumental confusion. Just like a common cold, the symptoms will be unique to each of you but are very present. Look for the “ah-ha” moments and take note of the direction you are led. Examine your sleeping patterns or bodily functions for the subtle changes, as well as the circumstances you find yourself in. Dream recall is a huge neon sign of imminent change of some type, even for those who can recall their dream life with some regularity. The power of this key lies both in your innate ability of recognition and its use for growth and development. My suggestion is to bring your recognition of symptoms of an imminent learning phase to the fore and, if possible, make a written copy of your observations, adding to it as needed.

It was a great honor to once again address you, at the start of what will prove to be a year of great awakening. I leave you with enormous gratitude and love from the Most High, and those of us in the angelic realms. Please remember that we cannot act without your express consent and desire but we are always only a whisper away, Dear Ones. Remember also, it was this great awakening that each of you volunteered to be a part of, by taking human form. You have been told by others and I will add my weight to the sentiment – you are here now because each of you is an expert. Think of what you do well and what brings you inner joy and you will have discovered your unique expertise. Each of you carries an essential part of the whole so the key is simply deciding how to use that for the betterment of others. You have chosen a path of full of challenges and for this, you have our eternal love and respect. Without challenge, as many of you are very aware on some level, there is limited potential for growth. We stand by, ready to assist you, as you have honored your own contracts by the amazing work that you do – to help us fulfill ours.

Be Blessed and at peace this day, Dear Ones.

I am Raziel, Keeper of Celestial Mysteries