The following was submitted by Linda Wurts (in ) which was taken during the ceremonies at Mt.Shasta during the week of 9-9-9 

This was taken at Grimes Point -a magical interdimensional sacred site in Nevada. Shifts occur easily here, you can barely see a friend that is behind me. It was taken after a meditation with and Tybberon. This fitted perfectly with today´s . There is magic around!
Love you!  

Linda Wurts   Sharada-Tezcalmeztli            The following was submitted to me on September 21, 2009, again by Linda Wurts, above, with the following comments: Just like an infant is profoundly affected by the love of his mother, I was in such way touched when I saw the picture below. "SHE" takes many forms and shows her in many ways, but to show herself like this, it is to me a clear way of showing what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is all about. The only thing that remains is to bow at her feet in adoration. 



On a beautiful summer afternoon in the midst of the aftermath and strong flux of energy of the 9-9-9 , a group of four women (María, Ana, Dora and Silvia) sat in the middle of the forest to meditate. After some time, they started feeling a sense of love, beauty and peace that was overwhelming. They opened their eyes and took pictures.  What you see here is one of them.


Picture taken by Silvia Velazquillo close to , California
on September 10th, 2009 


Linda then asked me if would give a message about this photo and this is what came forth on September 22, 2009:


Beloved Kwan Yin, Can you tell me more about this image of you in this picture taken on September 10, 2009 on Mt. Shasta?


On this day, I sensed the beautiful Light energies of four beautiful Souls gathered together to add their energies to the great influx of energy during the 9-9-9 Portal and the energy was so great and so beautiful that I decided to stop in for a moment and add my Blessings to the group, for where two or more are gathered, we from the Higher Realms, are enabled to come forth to join and magnify the energies and this is what I have done.


You see with me my Dragon, who is peeking around my left shoulder as I stood. My Dragon is a pink Dragon, my Dragon friend travels with me.


The great energies that have been pouring forth upon the Earth plane have enabled we of the Higher Realms to make our presences known in an easier manner, it is to show the World that we are with you always, it is to show the World that we do join with you, that we do Love you and that this appearance that you see is quite normal, however, it is usually not captured on camera, as this was.


That part of the forest is magical and peaceful. If you look closely at the pictures you will see many faces in the branches of the trees. The four beautiful Souls who were meditating were joined by many other Beings, Devic Beings, Fairy Beings, Dragon Beings and the Beings of Light.


Thank you, Kwan Yin.