Oth is channelled by Ellen Rauh

New Year's message 2011

Welcome to all present here, both visible and invisible.

2010 was a turbulent year. It was a year of clearing and sorting out.

Many people have adjusted their truths. Many people have got rid of truths that were imposed on them by the societies in which they live, by their families, religions or philosophies. Many people have freed themselves of obstacles, of frustrations. And for many people this journey has led them to themselves. That was not always easy, because who are you? When you lose your hold onto things, what will be left?

We talked about the – it just seems so nice to be there. But in order to be in that dimension, you will have to accept that you can only be there when you allow yourself the of not having to be anything. How many people have imposed restrictions on themselves or have allowed others to impose obligations upon them just so they do not have to be themselves? But how can you be yourself without conflict? Because when your truth, when being yourself is at the expense of other people, just what exactly are you doing? It is all supposed to be about solidarity, about peace, about love, right? These were the pillars on which many people based their goals, their norms and values. But which pillars remained standing?

Many religions started to become unsteady as dubious practices surfaced which had nothing to do with religion. They were based on a power conflict or on power conflicts between people, but not based on the religion itself. Many governments are about to collapse. And if you look carefully, this is the result of power conflicts between parties or people – not to serve the masses, but to put themselves in the spotlights. All of this cannot be swept under the carpet any longer. It will surface. becomes more and more transparent. Perhaps we secretly long for the days in which everything was swept under the carpet because things seemed ‘so safe’ and things seemed ‘so secure’. But if everything becomes more and more transparent, fear and insecurities can become stronger too. Yet the only you can rely on is the of your own truth, the of being yourself. Long-term statistics are no longer right. A sense of time is often lost. Many people do much more in a shorter period of time. In an hour they accomplish what they used to do in a week. The pinnacle of someone’s career can suddenly be reached without a run-up. Strange things are happening. Nature is in this, too. More and more often the weather is unpredictable.

So dear all, please be yourself, accept your own truth, follow your intuition, find your own way, look for your priorities and reserve a mere ten to twenty percent of your activities for social obligations, so you will have lots of time left for yourself. Yet again: what will you do when you have time on your hands? Many people take refuge in lots of activities, like so-called social obligations, because this is what they think society needs, but in reality they flee from themselves, so they will not have the time for having to deal with themselves. Yourself – who are you? Many people were looking for a new balance in themselves. Who am I? What do I want? What can I contribute to the greater good and to myself? And many people changed direction, changed their course, regardless of what other people were thinking of it. They followed their own path and liberated themselves of all kinds of stuck patterns and family patterns, or patterns which are imposed by society, like: ‘this is how things are supposed to be and so they will be’.

Rebellion, contradictions, many different kinds of truths are being amplified. And we can tell you: this will increase in times to come. This does not mean that it is a bad thing. Be grateful and happy that all kinds of truths are being magnified so they are visible – so each can choose between different truths. We would also like to tell you that if you are truthfully yourself, you will never meet another with exactly the same truth. If you can accept this, you allow yourself the freedom to find your own truth in yourself, and not in another . If you can find peace and quiet to turn inwards, to feel and nurture your truth – the truth for that specific moment – you do not need anyone else to nurture you anymore. Then you will be grateful and content with yourself. From that perspective you will be of great value for everyone, because you will not impose your truth on someone else. You can still voice your truth, but only in order to vent it. This way, it will be more and more possible that people with many different truths will experience solidarity. Freedom of being yourself in diversity, because nobody imposes their truth on others. That would be real solidarity. Dear all, we would like to tell you that this sense of solidarity will increase in times to come, because everyone who has ever experienced this feeling wants more of it. They are going to look for a variety of personalities with whom they can be themselves – and it has a domino effect. The big advantage is that these freedom fighters, these mediators, will only fight against themselves, against their truths that are blocking them, so they do not have to fight other people any longer. People who are still doing that, will be lovingly accepted – if possible – and be met with understanding.

So be prepared for magnified truths that are not yours. Instead of fighting them, be happy with yourself and try not to impose your norms and values and your own truth onto others. It will be an interaction between people, and as a result more and more people will see the futility of fighting for a certain truth. And if you look at the world as it is right now, many struggles are rooted in imposing a truth onto others. So try to be free, to be freely yourself, and so exude personal freedom. This will have a domino effect – each one of you can set off a chain reaction. Just realize this!

This way you will slide into 2011, a year of even more changes. Everything will be sped up even more. Fifth dimensional thinking will become more and more common. Being sensitive and finding a balance in yourself will become even more important. This is your navigation, not imposed by others but because you are in line with yourself and your higher connections.

Many inventions will cheer humanity. But people who keep holding on to securities, will not be happy with them. They will become shaky and their norms and values, their foundation of Being, will become unsteady. At the same time, the forerunners, the mediators, will feel more and more at ease with these fast-paced changes because they are used to being flexible, to live in the present moment, and they are used to being different.

Again we would like to touch on the subject of ‘being yourself’. Feeling lonely is often the result of not being happy with yourself. Many people are feeling lonely – lonely because they are alone, alone in a relationship, alone in a family, alone between colleagues.

Dear all, be grateful for feelings of loneliness, because it is the only way to find yourself again. You and yourself, do you get along? Do you organize your life in such a way so that you have a good relationship with yourself? Let this be your goal and let this be important for 2011. If this is the direction you are heading in, the result will be that you can experience a great sense of solidarity from being alone. Let this be your goal: solidarity in 2011, as mediators between 2011 and 2012.

We wish all of you a great journey in 2011.

Feel the great love and support of Oth, Atha and all the others.