Dear All,

As we move forward today, at this momentous time of a Solar Eclipse that heralds a highly significant and rare conjunction of Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) and Uranus (the planet of electrifying change), one that is directly in , in a square formation, to the galactic wisdom of Source that is the , I offer to you a message that brought forward about the energies of this eclipse.

Let us celebrate these times of rapid acceleration into life, light and truth.

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Quan Yin’s Solar Eclipse Message – January 2011
Channeled by Shariq

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Quan Yin.

It is with great joy that I embrace each of you in this time of expansion, growth and the attributes of leavening yourself into the wider berths of understanding, as you find the baking of that which is your selves, moves into a rising, a rising that in the sunlight of the and the ascensional aspects of truth, come forward within your timeframe, to allow you to rise; to rise above that which is flowing into a most wonderful aspect of releasing, cleansing, and of letting go.

And so it is that as these aspects of truth, as that which is coming forward allows for you to be most masterful, be most emancipated from that which has been, indeed, a man-focused of hierarchical debilitation that has been called the matrix, the game of that which has been the 3rd dimensional duality, as this continues to be released, cleansed, and moves forward out of this timeline into a new of revisioning, so it is that in the leavening and rising of yourself, above the fray, comes your own perspective to decide how to proceed, how to step forward.

Indeed, this is how 2011 promises to play out in most wonderful ways.

Today’s energies, on the cusp, so to speak, of the solar eclipse, of 2011, this eclipse, which, is, indeed, on the heels of a conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, promises to accelerate these rivulets of change into a vast stream, and a plethora of water that will cleanse, not unlike, in a manifested form, what is being birthed down in Australia.

As these waters come forward in many ways to allow for the old aspects of truth to step forward and be released, so it is that your own ability to rise above and notice what is being brought forward in the streams and currents of change, will allow you to be stronger, be wiser, and to be present in the moment to choose the next step with a sense of deep satisfaction and joy at what is being released for at this time.

And so it is that in the aspects of truth, as these rivers flow of love, and of divine insight, as the new waves of light, in the warmth of that which is helping you rise in the heat of this time of change, although it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, yet, the heat of that which is coming, will allow for you to find your own within, your own solar disc, so to speak, of light, which is becoming enlivened and enraged into a new form of being the light of Source.

The light that in this form of being knows how to not be partaken of within the rage of that which is being smouldered by that which is releasing from your space, but to be above, as we have said, lighter, more leavened, more flowing into the realms of being that are part of this whole journey.
And so, what is the that you will be floating upon as you navigate these waves and these streams of change? Perhaps you have been used to larger vessels like large cruise ships.

Well, my dearest ones, for those who hold on to the vast forms of expression, they might find themselves quite stuck in the streams that are flowing, for these will not be able to navigate as nimbly the aspects of truth that will need to be discovered and to be brought forward.

And so it is, instead of the vast cruise ships, we would recommend a sleeker vessel; for example, a canoe.

A canoe that is more natural, more connected with Nature, and more full of the fibrous agility with which to navigate the rapids that might come forward, in a way that allows you to be adventurous, and full of the joy of seeing what will come forward.

And so it is that a canoe is indeed a vessel, which, if you can think of the vessel itself as a berth for not only yourself but your interconnection to all of Nature, including the nature of humanity, the community, if you find this berth, this connection, then it is that you will never feel alone in the choices and challenges which might come forward as this year proceeds.

And then, of course, a canoe needs more than one person, generally, to direct it. And, so, having at least one other in your space, one other who can assist and guide, be a partner, so to speak, will be available, as you so choose to find and direct yourself to it.

For, in the aspect of community, even in finding one friend, assistant, and/or romantic partner, there is always a desire to be within this flow of moving forward, so to speak.

Yet, the difference is that this partner you might choose, or friend, or any form of that one who you can trust, is not one who you are going to give up your power to, not one who you will depend on, or vice-versa.

It is in the freedom of being your own sovereign self, lighter, leavened, warmed by the winds of change, the solarity of your own sun disc which is being reawakened at this time of change, in these aspects of truth, you will find that in the partnership, in the communication, in that sense of moving together, and not being stuck, so to speak, in who is going to go first or next, in that inter-empathic connection, in that telepathic re-connection, of that which is the unity of all, will come a divine understanding, a divine intervention, of that which is the old ways which are releasing.

And in this intervention will come an integration, a light of your truth that becomes formulated in a new form of reconnection across the new webs of light that are being displayed for humanity, replacing the old matrices of that which has been, allowing for there to be a new realignment, a new deciduousness, as that which has been most parlayed into a form of black and white becomes more natural in the different Spring seasons of life that are about to be rebirthed in a new form of evergreen leaves that find that they are replacing the old forms of duality.

And so it is that the cruise ships that I was speaking of earlier, indeed, for those who hold on to the monoliths of their creations, the aspects of their lives that are apparently solid and sturdy, the aspects of connections to the old ways of greed and manipulation, coercion, etc., they will find that these forms of vessels, not very nimble, might get stuck.

And although they are stuck, they will, with the flow that is coming, at this conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, at this time of the expansion of light, they will get pushed out of the way. And it will not be pleasant, my dearest ones.

So, the message is this: stay aligned with what is in the moment; be more discreet in how you step forward, be not so overbearing, or fastidious in how you choose to stay stuck in a vast embargo of that which is the old ways of being, but allow for yourself to be most aligned with the swiftness of life.

And in this will come, as I have said before, the adventure, the fruitfulness, the rebirthing, of your selves into a deep sense of fluidity and ease.

And so it is that in this time the possibilities are massive for coming to new potentials. The possibilities are expansive, for as you flow down these rapid potentials in your sleek canoes, as you in these natural connections to life and to Nature, find that all is always evergreen, even in the deciduous aspects of those parts of Nature that are becoming reawakened in the Spring, in these aspects of your truth, you will find that you are drawn in the flow of the natural flow-course of life, into your next connection, inter-connection, and growth prospect.

So, as you tune into this you will find the aspects of the coincidences, the serendipitous events, the aspects of synchronicities continue to grow, so that life leads you step by step into where you are meant to go.

And, consciously, as you visualize and claim what it is that you want, the synchronicities will flow in the direction that you choose to create, for you are a creator, are you not?

And as you choose not to focus, simply get stuck in the fears of unexpected events, so it is that the unconscious fears then will be creating for you, and taking you to places that perhaps might be not as easy to navigate.

Life, light, truth. In these aspects of your being come a growth; a growth to be the divine aspects of Source.

As these aspects of truth come forward and settle in, in a triangle within your heart space now, they create a stability, a stability to rebirth the sleekness of the canoes you will each choose to create your dugouts from Nature, allowing, in this warmth to leaven yourself, and rise above the old ways.

And notice how it is to step forward, as you step forward now, with the stability of this triangle, with these vibrations that I have given you, you will find that life flows in a more effortless way.

For, in these aspects of your truth, in these aspects of your being, in the connection to the partner and to the community that forms the vessel that is being connected through not only to Nature but all of humanity, will come this love for all.

And in this love for all, you will always release the fear, for, indeed, all is flowing in a most beautiful way.

This time, as it moves forward now, allows for much to be displaced in the possibilities of a massive reawakening of those who have been drugged, so to speak, in aspects of creation that have been quite unconscious.

As these become most reawakened into the evergreen nature of that which is all there is, so it is that you will find that many come for assistance around you, many seeking support.

If you can tune into the love within your heart, the light, the frequencies of being light, including that which allows you to rise in the leavening of yourself, you will continue to find that you are sharing your love, and, simply, in the love that you express, others will find a frequency to tune into, and they will find support, and succor and redress.

So know that you are indeed all beautiful, and moving into a possibility to move with much agility through these times of change.

These times are times of rejoicing, times of coming forward into an aspect of Source that is coming in these warmth waves of the global warming of Gaia, into a releasing of the floods of the waters of the glaciers.

In these waters will come the potential for much healing, emotional healing, for Gaia, for humanity. And, in these aspects of healing will come the streams of life, flowing.

And there will be some tears as well. But if the tears can be moved away from the fear tears to tears of rejoicing, so it is in this joy will come the lightness within, and in the stability that you anchor in, and support the others, including your partner in the canoe, you will find it is the big adventure that flows most easily, most serendipitously, into the next step of life.

So, my dearest ones, know that is a wonderful year, 2011. A year of stepping most rapidly, through sometimes, rapids, but if you can see it as an adventure, a white-water rafting adventure, you will be most surprised with where the opportunities lead you, how unexpected potentials manifest in most wonderful ways, leading you to travel, to new places to teach, to be, to express, and to simply expand yourself into the new possibilities – including prosperity, of course, and abundance.

And so it is that with these words, then, I will take my leave.

Know that at this point of this eclipse you are all choosing to step forward into an acceleration of time which assists humanity to rapidly move into a fragmentation of that which is this current reality, allowing you to float into an aspect of your knowledge that will allow you to resonate with and communicate with those who are at your frequency.

They will form this vessel, this community that I have spoken of, the canoe.

And you will find within these who find you, those who will be the closest ones, those who will be of support, and steer with you, through these times of change.

Many blessings. I am Quan Yin.

With love, light, joy and peace,

© 2011 Shariq

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