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Friday, January 14, 2011

Bologna, 14/1/11 – record cold fusion test reactor Nickel-Hydrogen Focardi, Rossi      

Text and photos were taken by Daniele Passerini and covered by Creative Commons License, please  therefore, to name a source and / or report if link to be copied / reproduced elsewhere. Thanks.

NB I have already improved some parts of the text on the basis of the videos posted on YouTube.
In addition, Dr. Levi said he was available to control it and backed the near future.

Here the press release (text, audio, video, in the making).      

22.20 – APPENDIX
I stopped at a motorway between Bologna and Cesena, so I will answer on the fly to the comments on hold. In addition you up to date on an interesting detail that I came to know. In reality today there is a problem in the process of initiation of the reaction, it seems that the major resistance has not worked. But rather than reduce the scope of the experiment this problem makes it even more important post. In fact, the reactor is equal parts, with a sort of procedure for secondary ignition. If it worked the main to bring water to the boiling point would be served much less time (remember that it took about 30 minutes).
Another aspect to note is that the machinery, in addition to admirably fulfill the purpose for which it was built, to produce , a real laboratory to explore new frontiers of : Levi told me that it is as if he had opened a view on a valley entirely unknown until now. Now start exploring. It is considered that the Ni-H reactor already functioning without a proper theoretical basis, the margins of development engineers are really great.

19:15 – Well, with Giuseppe Levi'm going to eat a pizza, maybe I'll do a separate post with an interview with him. Also ask him to read, just might, this "commentary" so as to correct any inaccuracies in technical and scientific that I will definitely run away. I thank all those who are connected (at the moment 33 people register online and 1127 visits to date) and shall end here hoping to have direct, in part, satisfied your curiosity. From Bologna, sent your very special one-off greets you.
PS @ Mara, Luciana, Marco: I read your questions, I answer calmly later, now I go to dinner.

18:46 – I would add that I was so excited and got from writing that I completely forgot to shoot some video with the camera. Ho comunque tante belle foto da inserire domani. However I have many beautiful photos to be included tomorrow.

18:45 – Meanwhile, I want to stress that the demonstration of the information was represented today by RAI 3, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Giornale, Cape Town (Bologna) and Twenty-two steps of love and its (circuit Net1News).
PS Sorry, I forgot that there was also a reporter for the New York Times.

18.20 – Before me Ilaria Venturi Republic [ecco l' articolo che poi ha scritto ] [Here 's the article and then wrote ] asked Rossi if he would be willing to put the equipment available to an independent laboratory for a complete examination. The answer was negative. Rossi explained that work on behalf of a company (the one that will produce in the reactor series), which has made massive investments to get the result shown today. Therefore, the "black box" will not be opened because it would give away a trade secret. Even at the of Bologna has been allowed to see what makes this car, but do not see how it is built.
NB Rossi stated that investors are not Italian.
He explained that the equipment that we saw at work today at a cost of about € 2000 per KW, a KW produced by oil-fired power plant costs 10 times as much. I ask then what is the cost of one kW produced by a nuclear power plant. Rossi smiles and responds that, given the problem of waste, is not even calculable!
At this point I ask him, it being understood that those who have invested is entitled to make money on their investment, if she feels in conscience to ensure that there will be speculation, that is if the prices of these devices will remain so low, or if they are left to rise.
Wonder if the first applications will be industrial, as they say, and when it will spread to the municipal level homes. Rossi confirmed that for safety reasons (it is still a device that needs qualified staff that controls the operation) at first applications will be only in industry but is expected, As technology evolves, spread also to the needs of ordinary citizens.
If I can, exchange a few words with Levi and you mean. Then turn the direct and return home.

18:19 – I just did a little interview with Ing. Rossi, now there carry the content.

18:09 – The press conference ended, Smith thanked those present. Applauso generale! General applause!


18:14 – We dismantled the equipment: all to celebrate!

18.07 – Someone else asked if the nickel is the same increase in temperature. Rossi said that the reactor is fed a powder of nickel and that, compared to much lower temperatures placed, can be found granules of nickel zone (which based on the 1500 ° C). It also confirms that the copper in the reactor turns into nickel.

18.05 – Someone asked if nickel can be used in addition to other metals. Yes – Rossi responds – but clearly advantageous because nickel is inexpensive.

17:55 – Another application for Ferrari, there were variations in the details of the structure of the nickel? Yes – answer Rossi – isotopic variations occur: the sample were observed by comparing a "virgin" of nickel with another who had "worked" in the reactor 6 months. Ferrari states that asked if there were any changes from a structural standpoint, the crystalline structure. Focardi says that electron microscopy has identified significant structural changes. So probably – assumed Ferrari – the energy could be derived not so much the material, the contained in the array of crystalline nickel.

17.50 – Speaker Prof. Ferrari, Department of Physics, University of Bologna. It is clear – he says – that the unit consumption "something", something that is transformed, transmuted and eventually runs out. The question is, beyond what this "something", as it can be turned on the machine. The machine – replies Rossi – consumes picograms (thousandths of a billionth of a gram) of nickel and hydrogen to produce kilowatts. Therefore in this type of technology the problem of material consumption is not here with an ounce of nickel we can get 1,000 billion KW.


17.09 – The experiment is proceeding successfully.

17:45 – He spoke to Prof. Christos Stremmenos to expose its assumptions operation of Rossi-Focardi alas, I can not follow him. He concluded by recalling that before James Watt built the steam engine , then came Carnot , Thomson etc.. to develop the theory that explained the thermodynamic functions. It hopes that will soon be the same for cold fusion.

17.40 – Levi reiterated – in response to a question – that neither he nor anyone else within the Department of Physics of Bologna, known as the reactor to be built: all university researchers involved in the experiment were limited to measure how much energy it produces .


17.09 – Water vapor is now out to 101 ° C.

17:38 – Celani states that it registered with the tools he carried, a slight increase (50%) of gamma radiation , but unstable, non-constant this is a good sign because it excludes the possibility of a scam (artfully hidden sources of energy into the device). However, it is sad that it has not been allowed to make measurements of the spectrum, in order not to reveal "trade secrets" that lurks inside the reactor vessel. As a scientist, this leaves him with a bitter taste. Finally he says that there has been an interesting little of gamma rays is that the power is switched off. Not explained, however, the lack of and then a clear "signature on nuclear phenomenon observed in … would be the icing on the cake!


16:53 – A few more photos

17:37 – took the floor to Dr. Celani INFN Frascati.

17:36 – Dr. Levi announced that there was no consumption "measure" of hydrogen, it also confirms that you did not register any radiation, except the environmental fund.

17:34 – Rossi's statement that room there are representatives of a European industrial group (and prefer to remain anonymous) who, as partners of high-level mass-produce the device, based on the patent held by Focardi and Rossi .

17:33 – Rossi states that units of the reactor (this is real modules) can be put in series to further raise the temperature produced, or in parallel to increase the amount of heat produced at the same temperature (as if they were electric batteries! ).

17:32 – Someone asks how we can call this equipment. Reactor is a term too vague, answers Rossi, call Catalyst of energy. Rossi maintains that at a theoretical level we can only speculate what happens in the machinery, but there is still much to study for an exact theory to explain this type of nuclear reactions. Therefore there is room for considerable improvement and performance will certainly increase at the time you reach a factor 15 to remain in conditions of maximum security, but the reactor could give much more. We are only at the Ford T of cold fusion, we need to get to Formula 1!

17:27 – Rossi explained that they were produced from the reactor between 10 and 12KW, while the average energy input was 0.6 to 0.7 KW (was also measured the dryness of steam for the proper performance of the estimate). The experiment was conducted by the patent holder and measured by professors from the University of Bologna, unrelated to the project.


16:52 – Read the description of the experiment

17.25 – Eng. Rossi now gives the word you journalists for the most popular of the conference. Then answer the questions of physics.

17.20 – I'm listening to comments from other researchers at the University of Bologna sitting next to me. Take for granted the good faith of Focardi and Rossi, but the fact remains – Disclaimer – we are faced with a "black box" and we do not know what's inside.


16:51 – Rossi shows us the operation of reactor

17.15 – The projector continues to display the PC screen with measurements updated in real time (every 2 seconds) to room temperature (C1), inlet water temperature (C2), temperature steam output (C3). The temperature curve (C3) shows that in about 30 minutes (from 16.30 to 17.00) has reached 101 ° C. At 17:15:00 For example, we read these measures: 23.10 ° C = C1, C2 = 13.40 ° C, C3 = 101.30 ° C.

. 16.50 – Six people at a time you enter the room.

17.00 – The experimental setting is basically what I am going to describe here. The water is passed by a pump in the reactor, there is heated by heat generated by the reaction of cold fusion Ni-H. With the thermocouple is measured the temperature of both incoming and outgoing (now as I have said is stable at 101 ° C). The trigger is made by heating the reactor, the absorption apparatus 1269W at the moment is not yet provided us with the data of power output. Rossi explained that the equipment can produce depending on 6 or 7KW or otherwise – he added – up to 10KW. Not to mention, of course, but thermal electricity.

16.55 – At this time the temperature of the water (steam) output from the reactor has reached 101.3 ° C and remains constant.

16:33 – The crew RAI enter to resume the experiment.

16.45 – I entered the room! Eng. Rossi and Prof. Levi are explaining the experiment in groups of six people at a time. I made several photos insert tomorrow.


16:33 – The water temperature continues to rise.

16.40 – I managed to take a look around the room, the door is now open. The equipment is the photo I posted a couple of days ago on the blog. Pending the explanations provided, take this opportunity to point out a clarification made by Levi before, during his presentation. Researchers at the University came into play to verify that the equipment will work, that actually produce interesting amounts of energy through cold fusion and other (not that this is a hoax). Still there is a real physical theory able to explain point by point the phenomenon of cold fusion that is to occur. The reactor itself conceals a secret, can not be reconstructed by anyone based on general knowledge of the principle of cold fusion or the papers of the patent.


16.09 – The reactor began to generate some 'heat.

16.30 – The RAI is carrying cameramen filming of the reactor according to the room. . There is a lot of excitement among the audience members. I imagine that soon will return to speak Focardi, Rossi and Levi.

16.25 – The reactor is operating and is producing heat! Now the data of the experiment are shown in real time by a projector (the outlet water temperature is rising gradually).


16.09 – The reactor has been switched on for several minutes.

16.00 – Levi concluded at the reactor and returned. I regret not being able to enter the picture now, I'll do once back at home. There are now around fifty people. We describe the situation. We are inside a large square room (about 400-500 square meters) set inside an industrial warehouse, located in a corner is a room of 30 square meters where is the equipment. What happens in this room and show them directly on a TV screen in the room of about thirty inches.


15:56 – Levi outlining the measures to be taken.

15.50 – Also – read Levi – were brought by the Department of Physics and INFN Bologna two counters of sodium iodide, an excellent inorganic scintillator, placed back to back "to measure the radiation output.

15.45 – took the floor and Eng. Rossi, confirming that the reactor will be switched soon. Pass the word to Dr. Giuseppe Levi, a at the Physics Department of Bologna. Levi explains the type of measures that will be made: 1) estimate in the absence of energy produced (output) from the apparatus on the basis of the measure of how much water is vaporized in the second, and 2) to understand the source of the production of energy check that is not chemically burned hydrogen (by measuring the mass at the beginning and end of the experiment).

15:35 – took the floor to Prof. Focardi, said colleagues in the Physics Department are taking action in the calibration of measuring instruments. Tra circa 10 minuti l'esperimento dovrebbe iniziare. In about 10 minutes the experiment is to begin.

15.30 – Focardi is very close to me, chatting with a colleague of INFN. If anyone still doubted to what is happening here, here it is the text of the disclaimer that I necessarily had to sign at the entrance:

15:42 – The cam crew from RAI 3.

The undersigned …  born a. .. the … resident of … Prov. …,  Away … with this  

informed and made aware to attend an experiment in with a new kind of reactions between hydrogen and nickel and the possible consequent risks to people, property and animals


specifically wanted to attend my own risk to the stated scientific experiment to be held in Bologna, Via Electrician 6 / D, on 14/01/2011 from 15:00 to 20:00.
Explicitly exempts from any direct or indirect individual, company, event organizers and / or speakers of that scientific experiment that would like to attend.

15.16 – Gli invitati iniziano ad arrivare. 15:16 – The guests begin to arrive. Laggiù nell'angolo Over there in the corner
ecco la stanza che ospita il reattore Ni-H Rossi-Focardi. here is the room that houses the reactor, Ni-H-Rossi Focardi.

15.20 – I have credited. There is a security service to keep out the curious. I commented on the tables ready for printing. I am in a shed, the guests continue to arrive into account when about thirty people, I recognized Focardi and Rossi. > I see that there is also a troupe RAI, so the news may already be on the TG tonight.

11.00 – I'm leaving now to Perugia, to Bologna. Pollute (and spend) less than those who travel to diesel and gasoline.  Thanks to my Multiple methane, Fiat winning formula that has squeezed like a lemon and led to a dead end (it's out of production last September) rather than continue to develop and evolve. With dismay of many who, like me, now can not find any cars on the market capable of replacing it.

09.50 – Rimando, who had not already read them, the post I wrote Wednesday and yesterday to prepare for this dramatic development of cold fusion. Certainly in the next few days on the Wikipedia entry will be integrated to what will happen today.


09.30 – I'm getting ready to leave for Bologna, where this afternoon will attend the demonstration reactor Ni-H-Focardi Rossi. A working prototype is ready – they say – the production on an industrial scale. Technology made in , even though – alas – Rumor that the patent has already been sold abroad. I guess the engineer. Rossi wants to avoid repetition of the collapse of a winning idea what was refluopetrolio (1).Moreover even Rubbia , Nobel Prize for physics, you have to "migrate" in Spain, after his run of ' ENEA and its Archimedes Project (CSP) here at home were blatantly and carelessly boycotted.{jcomments on}

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  1. A serious demo would show how many litres per second are let in. Without this datum, the demo is meaningless.

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