After much ado I have deemed my newly built "production ready".
I gladly welcome you to Lit Corner (!!!
I have manually copied the most recent articles from this to the new one.
I intend to copy all the articles from Nov 13th 2010 on, when I started to manage the postings on this site. This would take time. So I ask Dré to let this site to stay open until I have all my articles copied.
Only the articles will be copied, not the comments and not the shoutbox entries.
I have given Marc en Sherry new accounts on Lit so they can continue their postings there.
I just hope my hosting company could deliver the expected quality as last night I had no connection with the site and their website, but in the morning it’s fixed. Let’s hope it only occur once.
For any questions, comments or remarks there is plenty of room on Lit Corner!
So that’s all folks! Let’s move!