In this talk I give down-to-Gaia advice on how to keep up with the in the lead up to 2012. My experience in working with groups over recent years is that many spiritual warriors are focussing on advanced techniques and concepts around ascension, without a real grasp of what is needed to stay grounded & happy – & to make their lives joyful and productive right here right now!

Scroll down for written summary of the 7 steps after all 4 parts below.

In summary, we need to: –

1. Reconnect with our physical bodies in love and joy (Try Chakra Dancing & Solar-Lunar Balance Meditations).
2. Learn how to use our minds effectively to manifest what we desire, rather than letting them use us (Try Manifest Your Dreams technique).
3. Achieve emotional mastery, learning to move into a of unconditional love at will, rather than a of fear in which we will continue to be jerked around by the Manipulators (Try & Heart Meditations).
4. Use our breath consciously to connect between our physical and energy bodies, and stay in THE NOW (Try Nadhi Shodhana & Connection with the Breath Meditations).
5. Establish energy awareness in order to heal ourselves on all levels and develop discernment (Try Morning Chakra & Essential Practices Meditations).
6. Connect daily with our Earth in love and gratitude (Try Essential Daily Practices and Grounding into Gaia Mediations).
7. Master Vertical Connection, in order to stay peacefully in our centres, drawing ourselves out of the drama of the everyday world around us at will (Try Essential Daily Practices, Unity Consciousness Breath & Sacred Altar of the 7 Directions Meditations)