Sustainability is rolling around in my head . How do we approach sustainability in these times of transition, when we are not sure exactly what we are sustaining?  Certainly we can’t be choosing to sustain our current economy, or what we use for , or how we use that , or our current political system. These systems are disfunctional planet wide.

Before we decide what to sustain, it’s probably a good to define what we mean by sustainability. Wikipedia defines sustainability as the capacity to endure. Achieving sustainability is what will enable the earth to continue supporting human life as we know it. The thing of it is, I for one don’t choose to support human life as I know it. I choose to support the New Human life, but I don’t know what that is either! It is something that is becoming. As a matter of fact, even the nature of life we experienced in the past, and the nature of life we experience now keeps changing. Life itself is not static! If sustainability is the capacity to endure, and what we think we want to endure keeps changing, we have a problem!

So what in life doesn’t . That’s the area we should research to find what we are choosing to sustain. As far as I am aware, the only thing that doesn’t is pure consciousness, pure being, zero , the unmanifest field. These are all names for the same thing which is no-thing.  Its just that all things arise from here. And, by its nature, pure Being does not require sustaining.

So it seems it would be a good idea to make sure every thing I create to play with in my reality stays closely related to its . Which means I must remain closely related to my . What keeps me closely related to my is meditation. What keeps what I create closely related to is creating it from my heart.

If you require more clarity in what you are choosing to sustain, contact me and we will see if we can clear things up for you.