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Monday, 10 January, 2011  (posted 12 January, 2011)


What is the significance of in 2012?  Does have an important role to play for the spiritual significance of 2012?

The Olympic Games have a and a of their own.  Their purpose is to provide a way for human beings to see that you are moving through enlightenment.  The very idea of the Games is based on changing what was once a violent and oppressive activity – sport – into a communal celebration of the human potential.  The ancient games in that inspired were a systemized way to support oppression – by instilling and building fear and hatred in participants and audience members.  The modern Games of the last two centuries have taken the activities of sport and built them into a spectacle that is meant to honor the value of every human being, and to inspire and empower participants and audience members.  This is not done perfectly, but the fact that human goodness is celebrated rather than denigrated is the purpose of the Games.

Given the transformation that humanity is undergoing in regard to this time – the time of 2012 – the Olympic Games are very useful.  You are all meant to come to an even stronger sense that every human being is valuable and precious, that every human journey is meaningful and special, and that you are all in this together.  Having the Games in the Year 2012 is an opportunity to strengthen your sense of these things, and therefore to further your collective process of enlightenment.

It is an important coincidence that London as agreed to host the Games in 2012.  The city of London has a soul with a destiny of its own, and part of that destiny is to hold darkness deep within until people are ready to unearth it and heal it.  There is a history of brutality and oppression held in the land beneath the city, and in the walls and structures that stand today.  There is a way that people in London hold in their hearts a grief for a brutal past and an ever-hopeful yearning for light. 

London could be called “The City of Light, Standing on the Shadow of Pain.”  And this is what you are building as humans.  The transformation you are moving through in 2012 is learning to be light beings even as you exist in your human frailty.  You are learning to live with your regrets, your mistakes, your messy emotions, and the long karmic history of humanity – then taking all this and wrapping it in Light.  You are learning to stand in Light and be a vehicle for Love, even as you are still a flawed human being.  This is enlightenment.

By having the Games in London in 2012, your collective attention will be drawn to this process of living with your shadows and bringing yourselves into the Light.  It is likely that the events of the Games will highlight the collective shadows you face – particularly the parts of the world that are still oppressed and bruised by world powers.  You may find events unfolding that force you to acknowledge that there is great injustice across the world, and that some countries suffer much at the hands of other countries. 

As you engage with the London Games in 2012, let your hearts be open.  Look for ways to participate in the goodwill activities of the Games.  Volunteer or donate money to help bring balance to the world.  Pay close attention to those athletes from countries that are often ignored.  Recognize the beauty in every person as you watch the Games and as you engage in every moment of your life.  There is nothing more important than looking through the eyes of love at every human being!  (January 2011)


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