January 23, 2011

We of the are here to say to you beloved sisters and brothers, that you are very close to seeing many changes within your world. Energies are quickly shifting to a higher and deeper resonance, and old conceptual beliefs are quickly dissolving into nothingness because of their dependence upon belief to survive.

You will see many changes within world governments. Many are rebelling against those governments of tyranny and oppression. The souls of the world are crying out to experience those Divine Freedoms that are their natural birthright which is freedom for all, and not just for those who have the most money or power. It is fast becoming a time when world will not tolerate the indiscretions of those who purport to be your leaders, and you in your awakening are beginning to see through the charades that proclaims to be right in all things.
In that charade we include those religions of the world so steeped in dogma and tradition that there is no room for any real love. Religions and members who purport to be Christian and yet live and dictate from the old testament of “an eye for an eye… “. Please dear ones. You do not need any one to tell you how to be spiritual. You cannot be otherwise! You are the manifestation of Source. Begin to ponder what it means to be the manifestation of Divine Source. In reality, you are complete and whole now; not after someone says you are saved, or you fulfill some dogmatic rule.
Begin to let all that holds you in bondage to separation and duality go, dear ones. It is a time of coming into your Divine sonship and all that it means. You are not expected to suddenly become fully illumined, for that is the journey of enlightenment. We too are making this same journey and are simply a little further ahead. This is evolution and this is what being is all about. However we do hope to guide you to a place of at least beginning to see that you are not the miserable human beings you have been taught that you are,. Many who teach these things mean well, but are also hypnotized and need to awaken. Sadly, the ego of leaders who believe that are right, often makes it very difficult for them to say; “I was wrong&;, especially if they have a church tradition behind them.
Lift up dear ones, out of the mesmeric sense of being separate, pitiful, human beings. You are , who chose to have a human learning experience.
It is important that you realize that “good” third dimensional pictures are just as much illusion as the “bad” ones. This is a very important point, for many believe that only the negative images are illusory concepts needed to rise above. All outer pictures, good or bad, are material concepts of a spiritual reality. Try to see through all appearances to the Divine Idea behind it. This is where you are going in your journey, dear ones.
This is our message to you today, for only as you awaken and let go of those false teachings that you hold closely to heart, will you and Gaia be able to move forward. There is much in from on high to assist you at this time. Portals are opening, new and higher frequencies never before experience on earth are being felt by all. There is much that you are unaware of that is now taking place. This is a team effort of love and we and many others you will soon know about are here to help if you desire it.
Do not be afraid dear ones, all is perfect. You are simply awakening from a dream and it is difficult to even fathom that you have been asleep. Ponder these things. We do not ask you to let go of all conditioning in one swoop, but simply to just to consider that many cherished beliefs you were taught and are still being taught, are simply not true.They are the ideas of a third dimensional state of consciousness, and you are graduating.
In Love, we are the Arcturian Group