The Day I Died! My Near Death Experience!


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  1. It’s very interesting that you mentioned the “wavy lines” in the air. These are what I have always seen when I’m trying to see an entity. Like you, I’ve always seen things, since I was a young girl. I see them less often now. When I do see things they are generally human “ghosts.” As a child I saw some strange beings. Interestingly, I did see a horned man as a child. His horns were smaller and stuck straight out of the top of his head, as you described. He was wearing a robe-like piece of clothing and was hunkered down in the corner of my room, beckoning me. It’s funny that you mention the anger and negativity. As a child, I wanted to die, had no friends and in general hated life. I’m not sure why.. To this day I am still a sad and angry person. Another thing my brother and I both saw in our house growing up was a small creature, probably about 2.5-3 foot tall. It had black hair or fur covering it’s entire body that was somewhat long, kind of like a long-haired cat’s would be. You couldn’t make out its arms or legs but it had small red eyes. It just stared at us. I really want to try this now and see if I can get back into the groove of seeing these things like I could as a kid.

  2. That is amazing and actually very consistent with other NDE’s that I’ve read about.

  3. Thank you for sharing. It’s a tragedy that so many people remain intentionally ignorant to the higher meaning and purpose of our existance. If this information was universally understood as true it would immediately end all wars and we would care for one another the way that we should.

    You are doing your part and I am very grateful that you had the courage to share your experience with us.

    All the best.

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