My friend Erin started a discussion concerning dimensions and which one we are going to. It quickly became complicated to respond to without having to consider an infinite number of possibilities. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) this is what happens when you are dealing with an infinite universe. There are going to be an infinite number of scenarios, all of which could be true depending on what reality (, play, movie, etc) you are focusing on. If I am consciously interacting in any way with other beings, and since we all literally create our reality (we each are the producers, actors, directors, etc), I must have some with these other beings as to the rules that operate in that reality. I may not be consciously aware of all or even most of the rules of the , because that may be one of the rules, or set up, of the .

So, you are reading this now because we, by agreement, are participating in a particular focus of a particular game. In this game, the population of this planet and the planet itself are undergoing a complete change in frequency (new game with new ). We have agreed upon new rules for the game! Those new rules are being delivered to us as High Frequency Light codes which contain . This is a catalyst which changes or activates our DNA. The DNA is the device through which our game operates.

We have a whole new game, with a new operating system, and a new rule book. The best way to learn this game is to start playing! The rules are too complicated to grasp the minutia all at one time, so you will find out what they are as you need to. In this game, you have a Higher Self which will guide you to your next turn in the game. You will have a number of options as to your next action, and you will consult your heart to know how to proceed. The only goal in this game is the one you create it to be, because its what you enjoy!

If you choose to read an overview of this game, read all of my blog posts from the beginning. If you choose to receive an additional Higher Frequency Light code packet, order it here.