Beloved, workers of truth of God’s , I am Sananda. I am here today with you to share the new energies coming in this year.

The energies of this year are about to bring many drastic changes in the codified information archives of your consciousness. This Light anchoring has begun and will climax about mid December 2011, completing a big cycle of works. The coming forward this month is absolutely connected in a complete way with the alignment of with the Divine Will.

At this time many people, many souls are being prepared for what is about to come. These souls from all over the planet are now under training, preparing for the next steps of humanity in order to support this process of change and indeed they are being prepared in such amazing ways while they connect with the center of divine synchronicity. The light work that is happening now in the will allow the unfolding of the divine plan as it was predestined for this year, for the period you call 2011.


Root Changes & Emotions!

So this year will bring forward great and root changes. You will see many things happening in the outer world and this will begin soon. We would say that there will be turmoil or an explosion of emotions. Sometimes this energy will be directed on specific targets, but other times it might be a , directing everywhere, without a specific target. So work in this period refining your emotions, refining your thoughts, your intentions. Defining what do you want for your life, for your .

Loved ones, the Light of the Christ is shining so bring in the hearts of people!

 Let it this year come forward even more, while the new codes of the Holy Grail are activating and flooding the vessel, the Holy Grail within the altar of your sacred . In there is all the essence, the Water of Life which will give you the strength to move forward, to see clearly, to clear your thoughts, your mind and the emotions. Washing the eyes to see clearly what is coming. What comes now for you is very joyful, full of ecstasy, full of miracles. Full of grace and blessings.

This is coming for you now. Attune with this. Work with it!

You know, many times you work and labor so much in order to change some situations by using several ways or putting so much effort and energy without having drastic results. This is because you work in a way which is not reflecting the esoteric truth. At this time work from within, work with the spirit in you. Work with the divine reality your heart holds for you. So, see where do you direct your energies to; in which reality do you direct your energies. Don’t struggle to change an outer reality or any other reality in your experience; but in a better way work with the reality existing in you, which is totally different from the outer reality. Focus on that higher reality. This new reality is found in your heart.

As we told you, everything is included within you. In the sanctuary of your own heart. Extend this energy every day, extend the energy of the divine spark which is inside you. Go in there, in your center and see what is in there for you. And then let is spread all over in you and then outwards.

This is the divine reality brought by the Divine as gift for you on this moment. I now transmit to you the new codes of the Light which will open your path for this period coming for you, building a bridge like a rainbow. Structuring the bridge of the light, a rainbow of love for you to walk on.

And so I connect you now, while you read this message with the new reality, the truth of the divine . See this energy in the colors of the rainbow connecting from your heart reaching out to the greater heart, the heart of the Christ.

Feel the flow of this energy, this connection. Breathe. Breathe beloved ones, as you connect from heart to heart, with the heart of the Christ. And now your seventh center opens up like a chalice so to receive all the blessings of the heaven brought to you from the Spirit.

Master Sananda.