Jennifer Hoffman a message from Jennifer Hoffman Monday, 10 January, 2011  (posted 12 January, 2011

January holds some wonderful surprises for us as another year of amazing new energies begins to unfold. Chances are you have already begun to see movement in your and this will continue throughout the month and extend throughout the year. There are several themes for January which are personal responsibility, balancing your needs with those of others, being in energetic and using your . And, for the first time in many years, in the first 25 days of January there are no planets in retrograde or shadow, intensifying our abilities to move forward.

Any movement you are experiencing now has probably come after a long period of stagnation, where nothing worked out, you could not manifest anything, it was impossible to find the truth in your life, you felt completely off and lived in doubt, confusion and fear. These sudden manifestations of success have a dual , to show you that you can create something that brings you , and to give you hope. On some level, the Universe knows that we need to experience success from time to time to keep us on this path. But these are responses to our prayers, so whatever we are creating are manifestations of what we have asked for.

As we go through this month there will be lessons that remind us of the responsibility we have to ourselves, our joy and our success. We will also see the release of people and situations that do not add to our joy. That said, where we are blocked from movement represents lessons we have yet to learn where we are. The faster we learn them, the more quickly we can move on. Wherever we have made ourselves responsible for others, committed to their joy or made them responsible for us will be our areas of greatest lessons in 2011, with many opportunities for release happening in January.

And we will see these changes occur on a global level, as we become more aware of the role we play as members of a collective consciousness. Use the energies of this month to increase your joy, to find peace within yourself, to balance the give and take of your energetic interactions with others, and to be in integrity with yourself. What you do this month will be repeated throughout this year and as you experience the results of your efforts you will know where your next step will be. So enjoy this time, even though you may still be confused and uncertain, there are no wrong steps. Each lesson is a self-contained story of your path and a reminder of who you are. Have a great month!

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