This is also a highly recommended interview to watch. A 'must see'!

  A Project Avalon video interview by

Just recorded and published: a new 50 minute video commentary on the controversial interview with 'Charles' [see below].

In that 1 January interview, Charles confirmed the following:

    • The of the plan to set up a false flag event to frame the ETs as hostile.
    • Full details (with a rationale from the controllers' point of view) of the plan to reduce the world's population.
    • Confirmation that the human race is an ET genetic project.
    • Confirmation of ET reality, and the reality of their .
    • A statement that the ET craft had been brought down deliberately (after one or two initial 'lucky hits' in the 1940s).
    • Confirmation of the existence of the Mars base, and that we're poised to leave the solar system.
    • Confirmation of the existence of the back-engineered man-made flying triangles.
    • The existence of the controlling group, with details of their composition and modus operandi.
    • Confirmation of artifacts on the moon, and confirmation that Arthur C. Clarke knew a great deal.
    • Confirmation that there's anticipated to be a peak of solar activity that might interfere with electrical circuits (in 2012 or 2013).
    • Confirmation that the solar system is a binary system (i.e. that 'Planet X' is a reality).
    • Much more – about the way that the controlling group operates, their goals and plans, and how they think.

Many of you who watched the interview are starting to realize how significant (and real) this is. This video should be of interest – whether you feel you already understand the importance of this interview, or are seeking to understand better quite what's happened, and what may be at stake.

This video addresses a number of issues and questions that have been asked, underlines the main facts and factors, and offers some more background.

Enjoy. More clarifications and additional information will be published soon.

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