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THE RULERS OF THE WORLD: a new Project Avalon video interview

Some preliminary comments:

Since the release of the video on 1 January (see below), there has been an avalanche of comments, questions, and responses. There has been a spirited and intelligent debate on two threads of the Project Avalon Forum here and here – and one of the questions I was asked was simply to expand on who the '33' are.

This was my :

They are a controlling group of 33 individuals who meet frequently to make strategic decisions about humanity and the .

They are not the 'Illuminati', which is a lower-level secret society – of which are there many, like the Knights of , the Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, the Priory of Sion, numerous Masonic groups, and more.

The 33 can be compared to a Board of Directors of a very large global corporation. Like a real Board, there is a 'Number One Man' who makes final policy decisions, having consulted his colleagues, all of whom have expertise and who have earned a right to participate.

There are differences of opinion sometimes – and different personalities, as in any group of people – but basically they are very much aligned with the overall purpose, which is (using this analogy) to ensure that Corporation Plant continues to expand and prosper. All in line with the Corporation's 'mission statement' – which is about optimizing the .

All these words and analogies are mine, based on my own understanding – not those of Charles or anyone else.

The 33 are senior representatives (defined in a particular way, which I'm not party to) of the 33 bloodlines which are on the 'inside'. Charles explained that each of these people is so powerful, and control so much wealth and assets, that they could be regarded almost as nation-states in their own right.

They regard it as their responsibility to 'manage' Planet Earth in accordance to the 'mission statement' above. They take the responsibility seriously, and it's been 'in the family' for a long time.

They are party to a great deal of hidden history (through documents and artifacts) – some of which are extremely ancient and have never been revealed to the public. As has been widely rumored and reported, much of this material is in the Vatican Library – but there are other repositories, as well.

The history and lineage of the human race is not – at all – what the public has been told. It has been decided a long time ago that the human race could not handle these truths. This information is regarded as a kind of 'sacred knowledge'.

Safeguarding this knowledge is taken extremely seriously, and, as Charles explained, there is a great deal of tradition and historical culture – going back thousands of years – which is almost inextricably interwoven with the way the group functions.

As Charles also tried to explain, they do not see time as you and I do. Delaying something by a year, or a decade, or a hundred years, means very little. They do not operate to a calendar. Only to unfolding events.

All the above I regard as very important understanding (and/or confirmation, if one suspected this all before). For this reason, the interview was in – my view – ground-breaking. It does need a commentary – a much-enlarged version of this response, also incorporating much else – and I will provide this as soon as I can.

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