Meredith Murphy a message from Archangel Michael

channeled by Meredith Murphy

Tuesday, 25 January, 2011  (posted 26 January, 2011)

The Soul Speaks:

I AM one with you; you are not alone.

Nearness to me is inevitable; it is awakening within you the deepest longings of your known life experience.  It pulls you forward in ways you do not understand.  It orients your very being beyond your choice and conscious knowing to the unending dance of and the unfolding energies of your planet.  This is your essential order which remains largely unknown at times.  You may trust it entirely.


Going forth into newness requires some courage.  The road is familiar in some ways and yet unexpected in others.  Distances are not what they seem and what appears far off and seems to require significant time to reach is where you the next morning.  Slowly it dawns on you that time and are functioning in ways which ARE different than before.  You take in this realization and curiosity expands.


The new name which you call yourself privately encompasses far dimensions and realities you have not even seen from this focus in which you now read.  Yet you know they are you and you remember and get glimpses of other lives in highly detailed dreams.  You are in these dreams although sometimes it’s not clear how.  Have you considered you are the wood the boat was made of?  You were the tree before that which shaded the young desperate Indian boy who tried to poison himself, so lost?  Your awareness has resided in many points of focus and some of these arise in life entirely without specific meaning&;just to remind you of the numbers of your focus!


.  It remains to be seen what all you might do.  The meadow of this life is lit and calls you forth.  Step into the golden light and warmth of your own fecund, fertile Earths-scape.  Take in the air and moisture there with delicate appreciation.  Knowing your own turnings within are microcosms of larger choreography and purpose. 


All is well and you are experiencing a newness which defies logic and yet your entire being tingles in recognition that indeed, something big is going on!


Allow what is taking place beneath the surface to harmonize you into more fullness.  Open and expand your and thus your joy.  Reawaken your inner knowing of the necessity of dormancy.  You are largely hibernating as a result of all that you have experienced these last couple of years and although you are less and less tired, although you are more and more thrilled by being and aliveness, there are HUGE physical changes and building going on to complete the vector of your intentions.


The new vehicle will be ready for action in March of this year.  As that time frame approaches you will feel it and the excitement will be palpable!  In the meanwhile, just enjoy.  Do whatever you are inspired to do.  Do not fret over not-knowing; in fact, allow it and be wise in your not knowing—await clarity. 


Enjoy that you are beckoning others forward in love, not fear, just by your presence.

The perfect storm to awaken those still asleep is forming.  Remain steadfast in your new dimensional home of peace and calm.  This is your gift, or one of them, certainly.

The rest is all unfolding perfectly.  Nest in your energy deeply.  You are profoundly loved and nourished there.

I AM Michael via the reckoning soul of creation.


(Note:  I was surprised by the voice of this message and so I asked —what does this mean?  How do you speak this way and what is the reckoning soul of creation?  This was the response.)

We (the Angels and Archangels) promised to love and support all in returning to wholeness.  As such and as the desires for more ease, peace, abundance and joy are received by the Universe, the creation of situations which will bring these qualities into experience is initiated.  In some focus points on Earth there is a stubborn resistance to new life in this desperate clinging to the old which is immortalized in fear.  I collaborate with the winds of creation to bring forth that which will pressure via acceleration, the “sleeping” into more clarity.  It is a process of light coming in which then creates a biosphere ultimately in which lower energies cannot exist.  This is an inclusive process, all are invited and desired. 

(In addition, the spacing in this message was very much the "tone" or feel of the message–which came all at once, but felt as though the transmission was clearly in whole pieces that stand alone, thus I created some space within the transcription.)

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