God–Flame Within
It all begins in the . And the is the repository for the flame of God. This flame is the of God, blazing within our physical form. Called the “threefold flame” by the ascended masters, it can only be seen at higher frequencies. This threefold flame, sustainer of our physical life and a sacred trinity of love, wisdom and power, is placed in our hearts at birth and is withdrawn at transition.

“Threefold” means that not one but three identifiable plumes rise from a tiny sphere of the white light of the Mother flame. The colors of the plumes are blue, yellow and pink .The plumes are meant to become balanced, expand, accelerate and swirl as we gain mastery.

Power, Wisdom, Love
The blue plume embodies the of the soul to do the will of God. It is the quality of thrust toward one’s goal as an inner resolve and power to accomplish. It symbolizes an ability to take leadership over oneself and others.

The yellow plume represents the right use of knowledge of all kinds, a wisdom and discrimination based on the standards and principles of truth such as those found in the major world religions. It is a love of learning and a desire to impart what one has learned to others.

The pink plume represents love and compassion, the very nature of God. This love knows the difference between sympathy, a debilitating emotion, and empathy, a strengthening one. It is not smothering or controlling but supportive and freeing.
The ideal is that these plumes are balanced within us so that power is tempered with love and love is saturated with wisdom. Leaders without love become tyrants. Parents who do not balance love with discipline rear children that are likely to be irresponsible and self-centered. In reality, true love is the perfect balance of the three plumes—an empowering and wise compassion that expresses the essence of God’s being in ways that only bless and benefit mankind.

The Fleur de Lis
The fleur de lis design, seen in architecture, on national flags and even adopted as the insignia of the Boy Scouts of is an archetype of this God-flame, and our souls know it intimately. But most of our threefold flames are not so perfectly designed. The plumes vary depending on the qualities that have been developed by the individual in this and past lifetimes. Those who love learning and academia have more developed yellow plumes. Those who are in positions of power have fanned the blue aspect.

Esoteric teachings tell us that most people walking this earth carry a threefold flame that is very tiny, measuring less than one-sixteenth of an inch in height. God’s desire is that our focus be on the balancing and expanding of this flame so that it will one day envelope our entire being as it does the great masters now ascended. In The Hearts Center, many current teachings remind us of this goal. Various decrees1 and meditations, focusing on the flame within, helping us in the work of its expanding and harmonizing.

The Heart of Lord Lanto
An Eastern saint of long ago named Lord Lanto was able to materialize this flame in the center of his chest so others could see it blazing there as a tangible witness to our connection with God. Catholic depictions of and often show the flame burning within their Sacred Hearts. It is exciting to know that modern-day students of the teachings have come to feel this flame physically present in their hearts. Some refer to this feeling as awarmth, some as a burning. More important than the feeling though is the transformation taking place within their lives as devotion to this flame grows.

Transformations of the Threefold Flame: The and Ascension Flames and Spirals
Yes, we can choose to expand, intensify and balance our threefold flame, especially since this flame is our personal “Fountain of Youth!” Once the plumes become balanced, a most wonderful action begins—the plumes begin to spin and swirl around each other, emanating mother-of-pearl radiance. The flame is transformed, even as we are being transformed, and is now referred to as the “resurrection flame.”

Through our attention upon the God-flame within, we have fanned the divine spark, the threefold flame, into a swirling action, igniting our soul’s immortality. Ultimately, devotion to this swirling resurrection flame magnetizes a forcefield around us called the “resurrection spiral.” This action of is the evidence of our progress toward the ascension.2

As the evolution of our being continues and we in consciousness only hold the immaculate concept3 for all things and all individuals, the resurrection flame and spiral accelerate even faster. The mother-of-pearl emanation becomes brilliant, scintillating pure white. It is now the flame of the ascension, magnetizing around us the ascension spiral or current. The tiny spark of God has become our “rocket ship” to of our Presence.

It all begins in the heart. It begins in the secret place where God dwells within the flame, the place from which our physical heart beats in tandem with cosmic symphonies, the place that paces the inbreath and outbreath of the Holy Spirit, the place that sets in motion the coursing of our life’s blood through the circulatory system to enliven our organs and animate our form. Within the heart, a secret chamber, resides this threefold flame—where heaven and earth meet.

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