This is my first in five days. Did you miss me? I’ve been doing this blog for over four months and the longest time between posts was two days. On Friday I left for a trip to St Louis to visit my son, daughter in law and granddaughter. I had the wherewithal to write a , but not the inspiration. I returned on Monday, but even on Tuesday, I was not inspired to write anything. Was my creative flow dried up?  No! I realized this morning that for four days I was way out of my normal routine, driving long hours, not exercising, eating I’m not used to and eating too much. I loved being with my family, but even this involved doing activities I was not used to in the routine of my day. It took me the whole day Tuesday to recover from that particular .

This morning, I had a number of ideas to share. My experience made me realize that we all operate from some kind of base routine. Its is what we are comfortable with. Even those people who claim to be spontaneous still have a routine, the way they approach their life. So changing their routine is stressful, even if the routine is not supporting their health or well being. Sometimes it just takes courage to decide to change the routine,  move through the stress of transitioning to a more beneficial routine.

For a great number of people, and acting in fear is the normal routine. In the old world , the elite in control used fear to manipulate the populations they chose to control and keep power over. In the New World , fear has a low resonant frequency. It won’t operate. Only love has the high resonant frequency to function. Right now we are all in transition, moving from the old to the . For some of you who have grown comfortable living in fear, the change in the routine of your life may seem stressful. Please find the courage to move through the stress. And have the courage to maintain the routine of acting from your heart. If you just persevere, you will reach a wonderful balance in your new routine.

You don’t have to go through this transition alone. If you require it is available. Reading all the posts on my will greatly assist you in embracing your transition. If you are not now reading this post from my , you can get to my by clicking here. You can access my blog post archives in the right hand column.