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I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  So be it and so it is.

Greetings dear friends!  We interrupt our regularly scheduled message [Part 2 of Suggestions for Possibilities for 2011] to bring you this important announcement—Vibrational Sickness is alive and well amongst you!

Symptoms of Vibrational Sickness

How many of you have been “suffering” with increased anxiety, extremely low levels of , colds, flu-like symptoms, sleeplessness or the desire to sleep all the time, depression, intestinal cleansing, night sweats, and other such symptoms?  Karen, our Human Presence, has been experiencing many of these symptoms over a period of the last few months but increasingly since the beginning of the New Year of 2011.

She has been explaining them away as symptoms of pre-menopause, not enough sleep, adjusting to our energy (!), the Oregon winter, the New Moon, the Full Moon, and any other “excuse” she can come up with at the time.  We love her so!!!  Have you also been coming up with similar excuses for the way you have been experiencing your physical in the recent days, weeks, and months?

For this one, yesterday was filled with many of the above symptoms and after waking this morning to help get her girls off to school, she decided to lie down on her bed to take an hour-long nap to help her restore her energy for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately (as she would term it), we took the opportunity of her resting to bring this idea of Vibrational Sickness into her consciousness so that she would have to get up from her bed and type out this message for her and for each of you.  Please do not feel sorry for her for we also gave her an energy boost that was much more invigorating than her nap would have been.

We feel that this is the perfect time to share this idea of Vibrational Sickness with you.  It is not a new concept for many of you.  You have spent years experiencing symptoms and reading other channels discussing these symptoms with each new shift and increase of energy on planet Earth.  This is more of the same and yet different.

2011, as we have already begun to share with you. has heralded in an unprecedented time of change and growth.  The new energies and vibrations that were emerging upon the Earth in 2010 and before are nothing in comparison to what is beginning to be experienced now.  And these more intense energies and vibrations will increase continuously over the next year and beyond.  You are being amped up dear friends!  Amped up in a way you have not yet experienced.  Amped up so that you truly will be ready to take your place within the higher vibrating energies of the New Earth; amped up so that you will awaken to All That You Are during this physical incarnation.

It is exciting, is it not?  Knowing that what you have been waiting for and working towards for 5, 10, 20, or even 30 years is imminent?  Exciting, yes, but is there also a shimmer of trepidation and of fear?  It is normal to feel this way dear friends; do not worry.  To feel a bit of fear and trepidation at this time will not keep you from awakening or from taking your place within the New Earth.  It is just showing you a place that needs your love and acceptance as well as the information that we are about to share with you, for fear is an indicator of lack of knowledge and understanding.  Let us help to give you that knowledge and understanding so you may replace the fear with a sure knowing of how to move forward at this time.

As of 01-01-11, the Earth entered a totally new phase of experience and evolution.  This is the year you have all been waiting for; this is the year that all who dwell on this side of the veil has been waiting for.  2012 in many ways will seem anti-climactic to what will occur during this year of 2011.

The Opening of the Seal

On New Year’s Day, a seal was opened.  This cosmic, Divine seal had been placed eons ago on the Creator’s contract for the evolution in consciousness of planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  The seal was placed with the knowledge that it would not be broken until New Year’s Day 2011 when human consciousness and vibration would have evolved to a state where it could handle the contract being opened and enacted.  Thankfully, human consciousness is at that point and the seal was broken; the contract was opened on New Year’s Day.

Dear friends, this means that the Earth and all who dwell upon her have entered a Divinely orchestrated time of expansion and awakening.  Even when all around you there seem to be more and more signs of chaos and the breaking down of the very fabric of human integrity, honor, and existence, you have entered into a time that will bring the antithesis of what you are currently experiencing.  You have entered the true birthing of the New Earth, the dawning of the Age of Awakening.  And at no other time in the history of humanity on this planet have the vibrations been increasing at such a rate.  You truly are being amped up, so you can take your unique place in the Age of Awakening as it was decided when the contract was first sealed.  Each individual on the planet is totally unique and totally connected to every other individual.  It is through the combining of the almost 7 billion unique individual paths on the planet that the New Earth will be birthed.  All are equally important.

There will be more information on the Age of Awakening in future channelings, but for now, we wish to return to the situation at hand—the Vibrational Sickness.  Because the seal on the contract has been broken, because the dawn of the Age of Awakening is here, because the energies are more intense than they have been at any other time on the planet, many if not most of you are experiencing the effects of the increase in vibration as extreme discomfort and/or illness in your physical bodies.

Although these symptoms may not be new to you, we would wager that they are feeling more intense to you at this time.  For many of you, we know this is not an easy time for you in many areas of your lives and having these increased symptoms on top of everything else makes it even more difficult.  We send you our love and support and understanding.  We also give you these suggestions for how to cope with your physical symptoms.

Suggestions for Coping with the Symptoms of Vibrational Sickness

Increase Water Intake

First, we suggest you increase your intake of pure, clean water.  Yes, we realize you are always being told to drink more water for one reason or another, but dear friends, you rarely do!  There is a reason you are asked to drink more water—your body needs and demands it.  Most of you need to increase your daily intake 25% to 50% compared to what you are currently drinking.

In connection with the increase in the vibrational energies, increased water consumption will assist in balancing your electro-magnetic field which will assist in lessening your anxieties.  It will also help with the elimination of and waste from your bodies that are the result of your current environment, your thoughts, and the energies that bombard you through your interactions with others as well as through your media.  Water is the ultimate cleanser of toxic emotions.

Another way we suggest you use water at this time is during your daily shower.  As you are standing beneath the water spray, visualize each drop of water as pure light and as these droplets of light run down your body, see any energy that is toxic or of any color except clear or white attaching to the droplets of light and being carried off your body and down the drain.  Intend that any energies or toxicities that are ready to be released at that time be released completely and replaced by light.  And know that as you intend, so it is!

Exercise Daily

Next, we suggest you exercise (in accordance with your health and available energy) every day in some form.  It does not matter what form the exercise takes or for how long, we just encourage you to move your body through dance, walking, jogging, cycling, playing with your children or your dog, or taking the stairs rather than the elevator at work.

Moving your body every day has a two-fold effect:  First, it gets your heart pumping, which increases the of blood and oxygen through your body which brings nutrients and life-supporting energy to all areas of your body; and second, it keeps the new energies and higher vibrations from coming into your body and then stagnating and causing discomfort.  You are constantly taking in these new, higher vibrating energies and if you do not move your bodies so that they can be acclimated and used in a healthy way, the energies stagnate and cause muscle and joint pain as well as other symptoms of physical discomfort.

If you sit at a desk all day, get up once an hour and stretch and move your body.  Walk up and down a flight of stairs.  Do some stretching exercises.  Get a glass of water.  Move your body on a regular basis.  If your health limits what you can do, do what you can and try to do a little bit more every day.


If you resonate with these, you might consider using these mantras daily:

“I AM the of wellness in my body.”

“I AM the creation of flow in my body.”

“I AM the creation of ease in my life.”

“I AM the creation of creation in my life.”

Eat Well

We suggest you consider eating four or five, smaller, healthy meals per day rather than eating three large meals or skipping meals.  Eat more foods that are grown closer to home and that are in season.  Try to limit you intake of processed foods, white sugar and flour, and empty calories.

There are no guidelines to eating meat or not eating meat—one is not better or more spiritual than the other.  Some human bodies need meat protein in order to thrive and be healthy and others do not.  Our one thought concerning animal protein is that the animal protein you eat be from animals that are humanely and lovingly cared for without hormones, antibiotics, and the like, and that are fed naturally.

We encourage you to listen to your body and its needs and to realize that its needs may change on a daily basis.  As you become more in tune with your own body’s needs, you will know exactly how to feed it. 

Be Aware of Resistance

Resistance in your body and in your increases your physical reactions to the vibrational increases that you are experiencing.  When you are in resistance or fighting against something whether it is a person, event, or thought, you place energetic blocks within your body’s meridian lines and these blocks can cause physical and emotional pain and trauma.  So we encourage you to become more aware of those places where you are in resistance, where you are seeking to control situations or other people, where you are busy attempting to swim upstream rather than relax and go with Universal flow downstream.

Use the tools you know and are comfortable with to become aware of your resistance and to release it.  These tools may include breathing and meditative techniques, energy medicine tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), acupuncture, body work, and many, many more.  Become aware of every place in your life where you have resistance to people, events, things, and concepts, and then do everything in your power to release that resistance.  Then, as unheeded throughout your energy meridian system, you are able to incorporate changes in energy and vibration much more effortlessly.

Your Intent is All-Important

The last and perhaps the most important suggestion we have for you in coping with the symptoms of vibrational sickness centers around your intent.  There are many of you who have been on your spiritual path for many years and even for decades who have a false belief whether consciously or unconsciously that to suffer physically with these symptoms of vibrational sickness is a sign you are a person who is more sensitive to energy than most, that it is a sign that you are more spiritually evolved than others, or more in tune with the new vibrations than others.  We wish to tell you quite lovingly that it is just another aspect of the invalid belief that “one must suffer in order to earn God’s love.”

You are whole, complete, and unconditionally loved in this moment in time.  You do not have to do, be, or have anything other than who you are as a unique part of the Divine.  You are perfect now and becoming more perfect all the time.  Accept that.  Give yourself permission for your transition into the Age of Awakening to be one of grace and ease.  You have permission to allow it to be easy.  Make it your intent that this transition is easy for you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and it will be.   We encourage you to give yourselves this gift, dear friends.  You will thank yourselves for it.

It is with great joy that we interact with each one of you.  You are truly and unconditionally loved.

I AM My Greater Presence

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Vibrational Sickness, Part 2: An Energy-Rich Meditation

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I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  So be it and so it is.


Greetings dear friends!  This one, our Human Presence, took a bit of a break in order to incorporate a large surge of new energy that was downloaded into her on Thursday and Friday.  She struggled as she experienced extreme low energy, shakiness, the inability to sleep more than a two or three hours at a time, and the inability to be present enough to spend the time required to channel us for this blog.  It is an occurrence that many of you have experienced and we feel you can empathize with her plight.

How did she cope?  Through attention to her diet—increase in her protein and greens intake as well as an increase in the amount of water she had been drinking–exercise through walking upon the Earth alongside a gurgling stream of water in a lovely area here in Ashland, Oregon, known as Lithia Park, as well as being good to herself by allowing herself to rest and regain her equilibrium.

How do you honor yourself during these intense and sometimes turbulent energetic times?  How do you take care of your personal needs?

In our last transmission to you, we gave you suggestions on how to cope with Vibrational Sickness.  Many of you have written to say that you were touched and helped by this information.  We are truly glad for it is our greatest wish and purpose to be of assistance during these times of Awakening.

We wish to continue along these lines for a bit longer since it seems to be a topic on the minds of many who are currently reading this blog as well as those who will read it in the future.  We believe it is of upmost importance that the 100s of thousands of you who are negatively impacted by Vibrational Sickness, Environmental Illness and Sensitivity, as well as stressed Adrenals begin to come back into alignment with the truth of who you truly are—whole, perfect beings having an experience of physical challenge in this moment in time.

Dear friends, first know that you are loved and supported beyond measure.  We see you for the light you truly are.  We know you as the masters you truly are.  We hear you and applaud the brilliance of your beingness.  We hold the vibration of you for you.  It is time to begin to accept who you truly are and to come into alignment with your wholeness.

A Special, Energy-Rich Meditation

(An audio of the meditation follows the written one)


Be in this moment within your physical presence.  Breathe deeply into your physical body at this time.  Allow your focus and your breath to be in your physical body where you sit or lay at this time.  Breathe and come fully into your physical body.  Feel your body.  If you are experiencing pain in your muscles, joints, organs, or other areas of your body, send love to those aches and pain.  Breathe light and love into every part of your physical body.  Keep breathing and focusing on your breathing and on truly coming into your body until you feel the connection and the solidness of your body.  As you continue to breathe, allow your breath to fill your body and to continue down your legs, into your feet, and out the bottom of your feet.

Allow your energy to flow into ; connect her energy with your energy and truly feel how you agreed to be here in physicality at this time.  Remember that you stood in the front of the line and said, “Choose me!  I wish more than anything to be of assistance to the planet and to humanity at this pivotal time.  Choose me!”  Do you remember?  remembers.  She remembers your excitement and dedication.  She welcomes your energy now.

If you are willing, Mother Earth will combine her energy with yours and send you her love, support, and nourishment in the co-mingling of your energies.  Allow this co-mingled energy to flow back up through the chakras in the bottom of your feet, up through your legs, and throughout your body and into your field, your aura.  Visualize this as a rich dark green, a life-giving and life-nourishing Earth energy that is the Mother’s gift to you.

Know that you may access this energy any time you desire its nourishing support.  Know that it is here for you in such a way as to assist you in acclimating the new energies and beginning the healing process in your body.  Think of it as high-energy greens in an energetic form that nourish every cell in your body.  This is Mother Earth’s gift to you.  If it is your choice, receive it, and allow it to assist you at this very important time.

We have added a version of the above mediation as an audio on this blog to assist you at this time.  We hope you find it to be of assistance in your healing process.

It is with great joy that we interact with each one of you.  You are truly and unconditionally loved.

I AM My Greater Presence

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