"Each path points to ideals of ethical, even altruistic behavior and communion with the Absolute. According to the Buddhist teachings, unless one has the proper , one will  never advance on the spiritual path or attain enlightenment. A person may do various higher meditational practices, but if he or she does not have bodhichitta, the altruistic intention to practice and gain liberation for the benefit of all beings, the practice will come to naught. Spiritual artists should have compassionate aspirations to benefit others with their . becomes a service to the divine by being an uplifting assistant to a suffering world. By alignment of the artistic will with the divine will it is possible to make with the intention of a bodhisattva. Buddhist texts describe the bodhisattva as an enlightened being who has chosen to remain in the samsaric world of suffering, the wheel of life, in order to help bring wisdom and happiness to all living creatures. This unreasonable vow distinguishes the mission and extends the intention of the bodhisattva beyond the limits of a single lifetime.  If one wishes to work with the bodhisattva intention, then one internally scrutinizes: "Is what I am doing solely for myself and my own benefit, or am I seeking to benefit as many beings as possible while attaining my own needs?" Can this altruistic motivation be applied to without corrupting the internal freedom and creativity of the ?" *
Join us for the January Pre – Full Moon workshop to explore the alchemy of intention setting empowered by our own created imagery.  We will meditate on our highest purpose for the year and for our lives, examining models of altruism from various wisdom traditions.  Learn the valuable technique of making sigyls, magic emblems that remind us of our goals. Using these secret designs on an altar or place of power can provide focus or meditative support. Visualizing ourselves as embodying the heart of our commitment, we will draw a symbol or conception directly from our imagination. By sharing the collective visionary energy, we plant seeds of awakening that will become the soul flowers of our future. Supercharge your most uplifting insights for 2011 with spiritual and creative friends.
*Excerpt from The Mission of Art by



Creator of the Universe
All powerful infinite Oneness
Transcendental Force of Love
Networked through All Beings & Things
Thank you for the precious gift of Life!
Everlasting One, safeguard us in the coming year.
Protect, shelter and supply us
With thy grace and sufficiency.
Preserve our bodies, souls, and faith,
All Merciful,  sustain and embrace our families,
Our loved ones, our communities,
Our state and our Nation.
Protect Humanity and guide us all
Toward harmony with each other
And the web of Life.
May we each be a blessing
To the world now and in the year to come.

May your boundless creative force
Work through us to inspire and uplift
Our brothers and sisters,
Creating a holy zone of peace, and kindness
In all our relations.
May the creatures of the world
Live in balance with a healing environment.
May radical breakthroughs in
Compassionate relief for the suffering
Dawn this year.
May each of us fully surrender to
God’s plan in our lives
And enjoy the amazing journey
Wherever our path leads us.
May God grant us success in our
Creative and spiritual lives,
Removing all obstacles to the
Highest realization and liberation,
Establishing each of us in thy Transcendental Joy
And granting us wisdom and skillful means
To implement God’s plan of Love and Light
For all beings.

Happy 2011!
Allyson and Alex


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