Marc in star pose

Freedom ~ Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

I have experienced in the 11 years that yoga has been a part of my life Yoga as Unity and also a pathway to . It has been a personal journey, one of many discoveries and profound insights; the mat has brought me to . In a world filled with negativity, stress, environmental toxins, and other energy sapping temptations, Yoga brings a lifestyle and practice that reconnects mind, andSpirit. Rooted in traditions thousands of years old, Yoga Science is a proven and complete system of health and wellness, desperately needed by a disparate society who’s predominant nature is very self-destructive. Yoga has turned back the clock for me, a 42-year old male whose body began to fail him in his late 20’s and at 30 was told he may never walk again without a cane.

That stark reality I faced some 12 years ago and was eventually guided by Spirit to my first Yoga . Little did I know that first would change my entire life and lead me to the place of becoming a certified Yoga Instructor. Nor could I imagine that the Yoga System, of which that first only taught the asanas or bodily postures, was in fact such a full and rich Science dedicated to leading the Yogi on a path to intuitive enlightenment or Samadhi. The Science provides the methodology to the proclaimed outcome, Truth, which can only be experienced when the mind releases to become still, allowing body and Spirit to unite in that stillness and become One with All that Is.

Coming off the mat, where posture and breath are studied and specific techniques employed, or Hatha Yoga, brings clarity and awareness drawn from personal experience within the practice. It becomes a deep meditation that draws awareness into the body and breath, leaving the mind to still. As the asanas strengthen over time and the initial shock and subsequent cleansing of the entire wears off, a deeper awareness begins. Insights are drawn from the stillness of a posture, body understanding arises and every cell comes alive to the vibration of the Universe. One begins to sink into the infinitesimal vastness that comes from a still mind and one day, the elusive appears, total bliss, a fleeting moment but certain in your experience of it, the Journey begins…  read more…

Thank you for your continued

Rev. Marc A. Titus

Little Hawk