Yesterdays post drew some interesting responses from my friends, so you won’t see the comments on this . The reaction was to the idea that if people experience a catastrophe, they are responsible for creating it. So in other words a victim is responsible for creating the situation where they are victimized. This in fact is the case. Now before you send out a lot of , please pause and take at LEAST three very deep breaths. I will now attempt to explain this in a way that everyone has the opportunity to understand. Please be willing to  expand your current life perspective. Your life may actually depend on it.

My perspective is that I literally create what I experience in my life. Because there are veils in place, I don’t know all or even most of the details of why I created what I created. (These veils are being consecutively lifted as we proceed with the .) I live in a called “life on Planet Earth”. This is like a movie or TV show. I wrote it, produced it, directed it, act in it, and contracted you to act in it with me. At the same time,you have created your own and I have agreed to play the role that you wrote for me. Currently, our story lines are undergoing a revision. The programing of our holograms is shifting from an ego dominated form of to creating from the .

Now that we have an overview, lets look at what we are experiencing. We all incarnated on this planet to play our agreed roles. In most cases, this current production is a sequel to a previous production, or even the latest installment of a franchise (think past lives). So the actions and situations and story line we play could be the of a continuation of a story line. As an example, the fallen hero of a previous production, has the opportunity to redeem themselves in this sequel. Or the formerly pure individual is tempted to stray. If the production involves a story line of ascending from one level of consciousness to another, someone’s agreed on role may be to participate in a production within a production that helps some people or a lot of people on their ascension path.

Are any of the actors in themselves good or bad because they play a role that within the production is classified good or bad. Of course not, if you are taking the overview perspective of the creator. And if you are taking the perspective of the creator, you are taking for the production you are creating. does not mean blame. Responsibility is the ability to respond. If you own your ability to respond to your gift of the potential to totally create what you experience, you can create your world so that it operates through expression of your heart.

I believe that as actors in our current production, we have all had the experience of creating something both on the physical and emotional levels, and experiencing the results of taking the creative action. For example, I take the action to write this blog and I experience the results of that action. One result is that you read it and you take various actions as a result of experiencing my creation. I can consciously observe some of the cause/effect relationships that take place, but the vast majority are beyond my current conscious realization. Just because I don’t consciously recognize all of my creation, does not mean I didn’t create it. If I take responsibility for any experience I create, I must take  responsibility for creating all of my experiences. I create the world I experience and so do you!

For some of you, this could be an epiphany that changes how you live your life. You may realize how much you effect the story unfolding around you. The more you are able to embrace acting or creating from your heart, the more your world experience will reflect the qualities of heart. You will experience a world of peace, unity, joy, enthusiasm, and Love.

If you choose to have more background information about your production, please read all my blog posts from the beginning. You can find them in the archive section in the right hand column of my website.