For a while I’ve been choosing to say something but have not had the words to describe what I choose to convey. That is because what I choose to convey is living a higher frequency experience. The challenge here is to describe to you this higher frequency experience so you know what it is vicariously.  My reason for choosing to do this is so you understand the value of having an energy activation session with me. Yes, I require an for this service, but that is one way for me to be able to continue providing this service, as well as the services I provide with my blog, which you can experience without an outright exchange.

Every one of you is special, or another way to look at it, everyone of you is not special. We are all the same in our essence. We are human beings no matter what our relative origins. We each have something to offer which is unique to ourselves. We all have a part to play in this drama we call life. In the old characterized by lower resonant frequencies and intellect/ego based creation, a value of less or more was attached to what folks had to offer, and that pattern was generally accepted by us all, to one degree or another.

In the new paradigm, we experience a much higher resonant frequency. Creation is based and will be valued as equal by all who operate at this based resonant frequency. The catch is that because your whole frequency environment is increasing, everyone who you experience will be operating at this higher based frequency. There will not be anyone operating at a lower frequency, because they can’t exist here. They will be operating in a density or dimension they can resonate with.

Okay, so for some of you I’m sure you are experiencing a clenching in a posterior part of your anatomy. This is the result of fear washing over you because you think you might not have the resonant frequency to live in this heart based dimension. TAKE A BREATH OR THREE AND RELAX. As long as you are choosing to live and create from your heart, you will be directed by your Higher to those actions and opportunities which will facilitate your embracing this . Its not like you have not done this before, you just forgot. Your Higher Self has brought you to this post to help you remember. Part of remembering is recognizing what you came here to do. Now please don’t start applying an old paradigm rating system to what that is. Just agreeing to and living from your heart is of infinite value. How big is infinite? Its greater than anything that can be accommodated by a rating system.

At this point, I remember that one thing I have to offer is the ability to assist you to access and Integrate Higher Frequency Light. According to the orchestration of your Higher Self, I act as a conduit for delivering the next level of Higher Frequency Light codes for you to integrate. The codes that you receive depend on where you are at in the moment and what is appropriate for you at the time. It is all according to your choice. If you are choosing to move forward in this way, please check out my transformational services.