Full consciousness is not some mythical unattainable , it is your natural : fully alive and fully awake in Reality, where you have always existed since the moment of your .  What you are experiencing on Earth, in the illusion, is what is unreal. Your Father created you from Love — in joy! — and in that state of joy you exist eternally.  There is no other!  And, yes, your experiences on Earth, in the illusion, do seem convincingly real, and frequently dangerously unsafe.  But, as reason makes quite clear to you, if you will follow it to its logical conclusion, that apparent state can only be unreal.

, your Father, is infinite, indiscriminate, unconditional Love.  Deep within, at the core of your being, you know this.   can destroy or eradicate that knowledge because it is the truth, placed there by your Father to be with you permanently, as part of your eternal and divine state of existence. It is true, real, and eternal, and there is else because else is needed.  If anything else were needed, then God would have failed!  And that possibility does not and could not exist.  It is unreal.

The child of God, which is what each one of you is, shares God’s all-powerful Oneness because He bestowed His Unity on you at the moment of your creation.  That power is yours to use — that is why it was given to you — and like your Father you continue the ongoing eternal creation of infinite truth and beauty, which neither has nor ever can have a state beyond or outside itself — because there is no other place.

Nevertheless, you did choose to imagine yourself as separate from your Father, to play a game where you hid yourself from Him, and that is the illusion that you experience as so apparently real and painful.  It truly is a nightmare from which you will (nightmares are ephemeral wraith-like mists that dissolve into nothingness in the light of day) because it is unreal and insubstantial, and no other outcome is available or possible.  This alone is reason to rejoice! to rejoice in the knowledge that you are permanently and inseparably one with your divine Father.

For you the only uncertainty is when you will stop playing this game and awaken.  But that uncertainty is also unreal, as you truly never went to sleep — because you are one with your Father, Who is eternally, ecstatically, and joyfully awake in the brilliant light of eternal day, where all existence is.

Focus on the love within you — that inextinguishable flame, your divine connection — and share it indiscriminately, as is your true divine intent, and that of your Father.  Allow its tender warmth to grow and expand within you, to dissolve and disperse the nightmarish illusion, as you awaken from fear and uncertainty into the brilliance of Reality: the ever-present light of your eternal existence and the exhilarating ecstasy of oneness with God — the supreme Being, Whom neither words nor thoughts nor images nor dreams could ever describe because, being real, He is beyond every concept you could conceive of in the illusion.  And that is why you should rejoice, because you are one with Him in that eternal glorious state.

With so very much love, Saul.